This Pro-Police Uncle Gave His Leftist Niece a HILARIOUS Present… She Wasn’t Happy [PHOTO] and more…

This Pro-Police Uncle Gave His Leftist Niece a HILARIOUS Present… She Wasn’t Happy [PHOTO]

Just because you’re giving someone money for their birthday and not buying them a present doesn’t mean you can’t send a message with your gift. In fact, you don’t even have to buy a card to go with it. All you have to do is take advantage of the memo line on the check: Did


Chuck Norris Released a Statement About Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Investigation

Although it has been more than two years since the terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, there are still a number of unanswered questions surrounding the event. Thankfully, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has been appointed to chair a special select committee to investigate the attack, and he has


Liberals Are Attacking Brit Hume Over This “Controversial” Tweet That Went Viral [TWEET]

Why anyone would consider this tweet from Brit Hume controversial is beyond me, but judging from the response it’s already gotten on Twitter, some people certainly do. The Fox News senior political analyst suggested that the same respect most Americans pay to our servicemen and women should be paid to local law enforcement. Seems like


Jon Bon Jovi Makes Huge Stand for the NYPD… Here’s What He Did [PICTURE]

Jon Bon Jovi, his music, and his band span generations. Beginning in hair metal in the 80s, transitioning into adult contemporary in the 90s, and hanging out in the Top 40s through the present, the artist is a superstar. And Monday he loaned some of that superstardom to a deserving recipient–or rather a whole lot of deserving


BREAKING: Mall of America Race Rioters Get Some EPIC Bad News [VIDEO]

In response to the grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Staten Island, there have been anti-police protests nationwide. Besides marching down streets while chanting highly-charged, vitriolic rhetoric, the main tactics favored by the protestors include blocking traffic and invading malls and stores, both of which expose the true motives of the anti-capitalist, socialistic organizers behind


“Barack Hussein Obama is out on the campaign trail, and he visits a retirement home to…”

In these tense and trying times, it is good to take a moment to laugh from time to time. In that spirit, here is another joke to help lighten the mood and bring a moment of levity to your day, courtesy of JokeQuote’s Best Obama Jokes. Barack Hussein Obama is out on the campaign trail, and he


This “I Can Breathe” Protester’s Sign Is Going Viral… Wow. [FULL PHOTO]

In a day when every act by any police officer is quickly interpreted by the left as an affront to the rights of blacks, the poor or both, it’s important to remember why most of those men and women became law enforcement officers to begin with. Forgive me for being trite, but the answer for


VIDEO: Obama Admits He Had to Lie to Get Elected

President Barack Hussein Obama is a lying liar who lies about lying. On the rare occasions when he tells the truth, it is usually by accident. In fact, a majority of Americans think that Obama lies about “important issues,” such as Obamacare, the recent border crisis, the rise of the Islamic State, and of course the Benghazi terrorist


This Conservative’s Bumper Sticker Might Get Him Audited by the IRS [FULL PHOTO]

Children wait for Christmas Day with a sort of rapturous anticipation at seeing the objects of their desire wrapped and under the tree. Teenagers count the days until they can take the driving test and get that little plastic card that will open up their social lives. And most of America is waiting in a similar


Liberals Are Furious Over What Arizona’s Governor Called Barack Hussein Obama [VIDEO]

Conservatives love Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Not only is she consistently conservative — unlike a certain Republican politician she shares a state with — she’s been willing to do battle with the White House on the issue of immigration even before the president’s illegal executive action on the matter. As she leaves office, Gov. Brewer has


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