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Aussie Conservative Blog – Uncensored opinion on multiculturalism

Uncensored opinion on multiculturalism

by freedomfighter1995
Multiculturalism, progressive policies, and diversity have consisted of so much of Australia’s aspirations as well as much of the Western world, since the 1970s. The concept is that if we aim to import on a massive scale, people of different backgrounds and cultures, our societies will become more ‘enriched’ and in a better place as a result of it.

Sure, the different foods and cultures have partially enacted a more interesting and diverse culture scene within the west. And there have been particular cases, in which there have been positive economic impacts when policies of multiculturalism are pursued correctly (

However, I do oppose the state-sanctioned practice of multiculturalism. For now my opposal, for the most part, must be in principle, as taking any significant action in my own country surrounded by Asian nations, may not be a feasible reality.

A common argument against multiculturalism is the potential for hostile and incompatible values, to be imported into our free and democratic societies. I do agree with this claim, and from this perspective, multiculturalism is a nonsensical and irrational policy.

Nonetheless, even if this argument was taken out of the picture, and that migrants were mostly assimilating, I still would hold a partial disagreement with the practice of multiculturalism.

This is because I reject, and espouse degrees of hostility toward, our changing identity that comes as a result. To my mind, I believe that immigration from African, and Asian countries, is acceptable, and in some cases can have positive impacts. However, when this immigration policy, threatens our Anglo heritage and traditions, I have a problem. Australia’s historical identify, is being a predominantly white country. I regret changes to this idea, as it presents an alternative vision that I am uncomfortable with.

It is not an intense or underlying hatred of African or other ethnic people that brings me to this conclusion. I know often that the vast majority of these people are good of nature, and given the right circumstances are able to contribute.

Rather, I simply feel to some level, that my country’s heritage, history, and traditions, are impacted upon in current circumstances which its demographics changes ( I would feel uneasy if Australia were to have an Asian or African prime minister, as it would represent an identity change so far beyond our original roots.

Likewise, if I visited China or Japan, and all I could see were white people everywhere, I would feel confused, and in truth disappointed.

It is likely that my vision, of what the world should be like, is unrealistic. Globalisation will continue, and people from developing countries will continue to flock to better off, western countries. Nevertheless, this transformation, will not take place without some personal feelings of regret and possibly sadness.


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