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German town bans male “refugees” from swimming pool after sex attacks

Finally, reason prevails. This, after a rash of Muslim sex attacks on little German girls in public swimming pools. More of that here.

Girl, 17, is ‘raped’ and her 14-year-old sister sexually assaulted as she tried to save her from Muslim migrants at German public swimming pool

“German town bans male refugees from swimming pool,” The Guardian, January 14, 2016:

Bornheim, near Cologne, announces ban after reports women were harassed by men from asylum shelters, as ire towards migrants rises nationally

A western German town has barred adult male asylum seekers from its public indoor swimming pool after receiving complaints that some women were sexually harassed.

The measures in Bornheim, a town of 48,000 some 18…

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That’s All Right, Elvis on an open thread

Elvis’s birthday was January 8th, hence the Elvis open thread. I’m quite sentimental about this record — it was the first Elvis album I bought. And I wore the vinyl thin playing it over and over. It’s as fresh today as the first time I heard it.

“That’s All Right [Mama]” was recorded on July 5, 1954. Rolling Stone magazine argued in a 2004 article that Presley’s recording of “That’s All Right” was the first rock-and-roll record.

Sam Phillips gave copies of the record to local disc jockeys Dewey Phillips[14] (no relation) of WHBQ, Uncle Richard of WMPS, and Sleepy Eyed John Lepley of WHHM.[5] On July 7, 1954, Dewey Phillips played “That’s All Right” on his…

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“Hooligans” or Antifa? Legitimacy of news/police reports in Germany in question

When thousands of Muslim “refugees” descended on New Year’s Eve celebrations across Europe and set off explosives and sexually attacked hundreds of girls, the police were scarce and unresponsive. The media ignored it for days.

Juxtapose that with the overwhelming police force/army, armed with water cannons, at an anti-jihad demo the following day. And the media mob’s smear reports on those rational anti-rape jihad protests.

That is not happenstance. That is not accidental.  Reports of violent right-wing riots appear to be manufactured by the Merkel-media in order to induce the left to spring into action.

“Hundreds of masked hooligans riot” — but where are these alleged right-wing hooligans?

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Austria: Schoolgirls Sexually Abused for Months by Young Muslim “Refugee” Pupils

More reports of European countries sacrificing their young girls on the altar of Islamic supremacism. School girls were sexually assaulted and groped by the boys for months. The girls had suffered for so long without reporting the abuse, as authorities most obviously turned a blind eye.

The headmaster said that the male pupils had all come to Austria as unaccompanied minors from Syria and Afghanistan and she believed them to be happy and grateful for being allowed to live in Austria and attend school, adding that “they were integrating themselves very well.”

I am sure that the victims were afraid to come forward. Afraid they’d be called racists. Afraid the Muslims would take their revenge on them and their families.

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Horrifying VIDEO shows Muslim woman STAB teenager on London bus

Knife jihad —

“Horrifying CCTV shows moment woman in a headscarf tries to stab teen, 15, on London bus,” The Express. UK, Jan 15, 2016
A TEENAGE boy was saved from a savage stabbing on a daytime bus – by his hero NAN.

Police are investigating after a headscarf-wearing woman, dubbed “the Kangaroo Knifer” due to its distinct kangaroo-pattern print, was foiled in a shocking attempt to stab a 15-year-old boy.

Cops have released CCTV footage which shows a woman approaching the lad before producing a large kitchen knife and trying to stab him.

He was reportedly left with a slashed stomach but avoided further injuries after the attacker was disarmed.

The 51-year-old gran leapt to the rescue before…

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More shocking NYE sex attacks: Gang gropes and rips clothes off British teen in Paris

The stories come in a seemingly endless stream. Cologne, Zurich, Helskinki, as well as Sweden and now Paris. These girls don’t identify who was attacking them, but the same thing happening in so many cities at the same time speaks to a coordinated assault. Yet the answer from European leaders is always “More migrants.” When will this treasonous insanity end?

“More shocking NYE sex attacks: Gang of men grope and rip clothes off British teen in Paris,” by Selina Sykes, Express, January 14, 2016:

A British teen has revealed she was sexually assaulted in Paris on New Year’s Eve

The shocking revelation comes as tensions in Europe continue to rise over a wave of attacks against women, including scores being…

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