Best Varmint Rifle Setup

Best Varmint Rifle Setup


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Thursday, March 31, 2016
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Got Varmints?Best Varmint Rifle Setup

by L.P. Brezny

Just this past week I was sitting in a ranch house that was just about in the middle of western South Dakota’s prairie rat hunting grounds talking with two old time ranch cowboys about rifles.

In this case as luck would have it varmint rifles were the specific subject, and as such fit into this review nicely.

Even just thinking about taking on the subject of varmint rifles can end up in the land of the good, the bad, or flat out nasty. In effect, a slippery slope can be encountered with all the different opinions as to what is the best of the best to take into the field against varmints and predators.

While nothing here is set in stone, and with space limited, I will try and round out what I consider a solid varmint rifle based on my own favorite rifle, and the opinions of two old cowboys with about 120 years of experience between them.

Varmint Rifle Ammo

First up in the discussion is cartridge type. It was interesting in that both of the old timers at the ranch that morning agreed that about the king of the coyote killing and rat shooting systems was none other then the 22-250 Remington.

That was interesting indeed as that was exactly what was hanging in the back window of my pickup.

Out here in the wild west we can still get away with that method of transport.

The 22-250 cartridge was developed as a wildcat in the mid 1930’s and adapted by Remington as a factory round in 1965. When announced by Remington I bought my first 22-250 four months later in a Remington turn bolt BDL, mounting a fixed 10X Herters scope.

As such, this cartridge has always been with me in one rifle or another during my 60 plus years of shooting warm targets. When you don’t have a 22-250 you don’t have a varmint rifle period.

Varmint Rifle Options

While I have owned 22-250’s in everything from Savage Predators, Thompson Centers turn bolts, to Remington VS heavy bench rifles, today I have settled on a late model Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight as my go to truck rifle in this flat shooting ultra high velocity cartridge.

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