Capitol Bell – 4 lessons the government didn’t learn after Solyndra scandal

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Capitol Bell –  4 lessons the government didn’t learn after Solyndra scandal

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Mar. 9, 2016
Good afternoon from Washington, D.C., where we’re hoping the good weather is a sign of things to come. On tap today, we’ve got Katie Tubb writing about what the government didn’t learn despite the Solyndra scandal. We also have an interview with Sheriff David Clarke that you won’t want to miss. Plus: How much Ob

amacare deductibles are up in your state, and what’s at stake with North Korea.

4 lessons the government didn’t learn after Solyndra scandal. The problem is not just in the apparent abuse of taxpayer dollars, but more broadly that the government has continued to play venture capitalist and prop up failing companies, argues The Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb.
Sheriff David Clarke on “three big lies of criminal justice reform.” Proposed reforms to the criminal justice system at the state and federal levels won’t do what advocates claim they will, an outspoken county sheriff says, citing “the three big lies” of some proponents who want to reduce prison sentences. Watch his interview with The Daily Signal’s Genevieve Wood.
How much are Obamacare deductibles up in your state? Freedom Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting freedom and expanding opportunity, released an analysis of data tracking the weighted average of 2016 Obamacare deductibles in all 50 states, reports The Daily Signal’s Leah Jessen.
What we’re reading: With the surge of college students shouting their administrations into submission and demanding safe spaces, college campuses are becoming increasingly unsafe spaces for those who exercise their right to free speech. For the sake of free speech, Ed Feulner, founder of The Heritage Foundation, exhorts campus administrations to stop surrendering to ideological fascism.

Remember the Cuban missile crisis and the atomic bomb scare of the 1950s? We’ve got another very real threat to prevent, and this time from North Korea. The U.S. needs to strengthen its military so its people don’t have to live in the shadow of a potential nuclear attack.
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