Capitol Bell – Obama Supreme Court nominee has history of advocating gun control

Capitol Bell – Obama Supreme Court nominee has history of advocating gun control

The Daily Signal
Mar. 16, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the gun control record of President Barack Hussein Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court gives pause to conservatives already determined not to fill the seat until Obama’s successor takes office. Philip Wegmann has details. Today’s shutdown of metropolitan Washington’s subway system for safety reasons spotlights a lack of accountability, Michael Sargent writes. And the new House budget doesn’t really increase defense spending,

Justin Johnson reveals.


Obama Supreme Court nominee has history of advocating gun control. If confirmed by the Senate, Merrick Garland would fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. And if his past record is any indication, the jurist could tip the ideological balance of the court in favor of gun control, reports The Daily Signal’s Philip Wegmann.
Lack of accountability, not funding, behind D.C. Metro failures. Because the WMATA bus and rail system receives a steady flow of taxpayer money from both federal taxpayers and eight different local governments, it is scarcely accountable to anyone, least of all the people who rely on it to get to work every day. This is in stark contrast to most businesses, which rely on their actual customers to fund their bottom lines and need to be responsive to them, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Michael Sargent.
House budget goes in the wrong direction on defense. The newly released House budget proposal would increase defense spending in future years, but for the 2017 fiscal year it goes in the wrong direction, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Justin T. Johnson.
What we’re reading: While many would characterize Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland as moderate and fair, those who oppose the overreach of the EPA are not so convinced. Citizens working in the energy industry say Garland’s record shows a bias for the EPA and its climate rules and decry his nomination as an attempt by President Barack Hussein Obama to quickly secure a balance of power in the Supreme Court in favor of his policies.

It’s no secret that Obamacare has had major issues, especially considering the 12 nonprofit insurance companies that failed and ultimately cost over 700,000 Americans their health coverage. According to a report from a private consulting firm, the Obama administration knew about the issues associated with those insurance companies and could have avoided this fiasco. Unfortunately for the citizens Obamacare officials pledged to serve, they didn’t.
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