Capitol Bell – Preventing America’s looming fiscal crisis with a balanced budget amendment.

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Capitol Bell – Preventing America’s looming fiscal crisis with a balanced budget amendment.

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March 21, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers don’t like to take tough medicine. Even so, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, has a prescription for ending Congress’ destructive overspending habit. Mary Clare Reim salutes the state legislature in that other Washington for finding a creative way to fund charter schools and give parents more choices in education. And today is World Down Syndrome Day. A video series on friendship, Kristiana Mork reports, celebrates the individuality and potential of children with Down syndrome.

Lottery revenue will save Washington state charter schools from liberal court ruling. Charter schools in Washington managed to secure the funding necessary to keep their doors open through the school year, but many wondered if families would be forced to abandon the schools they had chosen for their children, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Mary Clare Reim.
In their own words: Down syndrome across the world. Today is World Down Syndrome Day—a day set aside to raise awareness about this unique condition and to help promote a culture in which individuals and families faced with this challenge can successfully integrate in their communities and flourish. The everyday connections of children born with Down syndrome are highlighted in new video interviews about the lives, friendships, and aspirations of kids across the world.
Preventing America’s looming fiscal crisis with a balanced budget amendment. What we need are permanent structural limits on the government’s power to borrow and spend. Specifically, what we need is a constitutional amendment that requires Congress to balance its budget each year, subject only to limited and difficult-to-invoke exceptions, argues Sen. Mike Lee.
What we’re reading: Well intentioned though President Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Cuba may be, it serves only to legitimize the Castros’ oppressive communist regime—as have the rest of Obama’s policy decisions concerning Cuba. According to The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez, an examination of the facts shows that average Cubans and Americans are consistently on the losing end of the deal in Obama’s Cuba policy.

The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a solution to the problem of poverty in the U.S.: Redefine income to include welfare. Unfortunately, that solution would do nothing to actually solve the problem of poverty or help Americans become more self-sufficient instead of relying on government welfare programs. The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector argues that expansion of Americans’ self-sufficiency and cutting down on costly government welfare programs should be the true measure of success.
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