Pamela Geller – Cruz: “In the wake of Brussels, we don’t need another lecture from President Obama about Islamophobia,” Cruz for police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods

Pamela Geller – Cruz: “In the wake of Brussels, we don’t need another lecture from President Barack Hussein Obama about Islamophobia,” Cruz for police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods


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Brussels’ Jews Cancel Purim

Purim is such a happy, joy-filled holiday. I am in Israel, and the country is alight. In Purim, on city streets children run about dressed in costume — all week. Every night is a different party. I brought my costume. The parades, the singing, the dancing — the celebration of life — is the polar opposite of Islam. Darkness and light. Life and death.

Of course, the Jews in Belgium have no choice but to cancel Purim, but what a message. Islam crushes everything is in its wake. After the Muslim invasion, Jews who stay in Europe do so at great peril and risk.


“Brussels’ Jews Canceled Purim,” by David Israel, Jewish Press, March 22, 2016:

The Jewish community of Brussels had prepared two major Purim events for…

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Cruz: “In the wake of Brussels, we don’t need another lecture from President Barack Hussein Obama about Islamophobia,” Cruz for police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods

Thank you, Mr. Cruz. Obama lecturing us, yet again, on islamofauxbia is like FDR lecturing America on naziophobia after attacks on various European cities.

Ted Cruz is calling for law enforcement to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods. Ted Cruz on Tuesday called for law enforcement to step up their policing of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels, comparing it to police boosting their presence in areas with known gang activity. He should call for the surveillance of mosques as well.

Behind every islamic attack is an imam and a mosque. Mosques are good places to hide arms, ammunition, and those  running away from the law.Here is our AFDI 18-point platform in defense of freedom….

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In Wake of Brussels Jihad: Obama’s State Dept SCRUBS, CENSORS, REFUSES to Identify or Acknowledge Numerous AMERICAN VICTIMS OF BRUSSELS JIHAD ATTACKS

In what has now become a repugnant, disgusting pattern of the Obama administration, Obama’s State Department refuses to comment, confirm or identify American victims of jihad.

This is standard operating procedure — the Obama administration waits until the media swarm passes and people move on before they quietly release the number of victims or the monstrous details of the latest Islamic attack. The Obama administration all but ignored the fatal stabbing of Taylor Force two weeks ago. Force’s murder by Muslim terrorists was virtually ignored by this savage administration.

Watch this video — the usually pro-Obama, pro-Islamic AP walks out on the White House State Department spokesman after he refuses to confirm any…

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Brussels: Devout Muslim killers used nails, bolts in bombs

Devout Muslim jihad killers often like to say that the love death. And they do. In Brussels they tried to maximize the pain and suffering they inflicted upon infidels with nails and bolts in their bombs.

Brussels nail

“Brussels attackers used nails, bolts in bombs,” Al Arabiya, 23 March 2016:

The ISIS attackers who struck the Brussels airport and a metro station on Tuesday used bombs packed with nails, bolts and glass to kill at least 31 and wound 260, according to authorities.

Medical officials treating the wounded said some victims lost limbs, while others suffered burns or deep gashes from shattered glass or nails packed in with the explosives. Among the most seriously wounded were several children.

“The bomb contained nails to create…

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Faked Hate in Dearborn: Muslima Drops Lawsuit Against Police After Video Proves She Was Lying When Claiming They Forced Her to Remove Hijab

Another islamofauxbic hate crime turns out to have been committed by a Muslim. Most hate crimes against Muslims, in fact, turn out to have been faked — mostly so that Muslims can claim they’re being persecuted and that counter-terror efforts have to end. And the authorities fall for this virtually every time.

hijab lawsuit Dearborn

“Dearborn Hijab Lawsuit Dropped in Light of Video Evidence,” by Beth Dalbey, Dearborn Patch, March 16, 2016 (thanks to Gisele):

DEARBORN, MI – A local Muslim woman has dropped her 2015 federal lawsuit against members of the Dearborn Police Department, whose officers she claimed violated her civil rights by requiring her to remove her hijab when she was taken into custody on a traffic warrant.

The city of Dearborn,…

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Istanbul: Devout Muslim homicide bomber identified as ISIS member, tailed Jews in order to kill them

The JV team has struck in Istanbul and Brussels. It has a global reach. But Obama is too busy with his Communist friends in Cuba to care.

In Istanbul, this savage tailed Israeli tourists in order to blow himself up near them and make sure he killed Jews. Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran.

Istanbul blast

“Istanbul suicide bomber identified as ISIS member – Turkish interior minister,” RT, March 20, 2016 (thanks to Christian):

The suicide bomber responsible for the attack in Istanbul on Saturday was identified as a Turkish-born man affiliated with the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group, the Turkish interior minister has said.

The bomber was born in 1992 in the southern city of Gaziantep, Efkan Ala told the media…

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Three Washington DC Students Arrested with Bomb-Making Equipment in Dorm Room

“George Mason University is located in Fairfax County, Virginia outside of Washington DC which has been the site of jihadi organizing and recruitment in recent years and even months.” Why were these students not identified? The American people need to know what they’re up against. A Brussels-style jihad attack is not just coming to the US. Everything that would allow for it is already here.

Fairfax Campus, Johnson Center Aerial View

“Three Washington DC Students Arrested with Bomb-Making Equipment in Dorm room,” by Austin Ruse, Breitbart, March 22, 2016 (thanks to Claude):

The Associated Press is reporting that three George Mason University students have been arrested for allegedly possessing bomb-making equipment in their dorm room.

The as-yet…

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Muslim Master Bombmaker of Brussels and Paris Attacks who POSED AS MIGRANT

UPDATE: Brussels attacks: Belgian media withdraws report that Laachraoui has been arrested

The Brussels airport attacker identified as Najim Laachraoui has been arrested.

The master bombmaker who posed as migrant and attacked Paris last year is now chief suspect in Belgian atrocity as police swoop on home district. A friend of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who masterminded the November 2015 Paris attacks, told police that the jihadi claimed he was among 90 terrorists who smuggled themselves across the Mediterranean with migrants and refugees.

The Islamic State warned the West that they would send an army of jihadis into the West in a vast migration. And they have. Europe…

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ISIS Warns More to Come

Millions of Muslims worldwide support the Islamic State. Millions of Muslims in the West sympathize with the Islamic objectives of ISIS. They may not strap one on, but they support the bombings. I don’t wear a uniform or carry a military-grade weapon, but I support with every breath in my body the US army. It’s the same thing. Millions of Muslims support the military arm of Islam.

Muslim students in Europe cheered. Devout Muslims on twitter celebrated #belgiumonfire.

A Belgian newspaper reported they wanted to kill much more people, but couldn’t carry all explosives in their taxi.

I’ve seen the future, freedom lovers, it is murder.

“ISIS Promises ‘Dark Days’ For Countries Against It,” The…

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Brussels Attacks: El Bakraoui brothers named as suicide bombers, MANHUNT continues, more jihad to come

Three Muslim suspects were photographed by airport security cameras; police are asking for help identifying one of the men. The El Bakraoui brothers have been identified as the Islamic State suicide bombers who killed 34 and wounded hundreds in Brussels. One brother “fired Kalashnikov at police in 2010.”

So why was he free to kill?

They are both linked to the prime suspect in the Paris massacre, Salah Abdeslam, investigators said.

The two suicide bombers who carried out the attacks in Brussels airport on Tuesday were brothers Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, Brussels residents known to the police for crime, the RTBF public broadcaster said, quoting an unnamed source.

The two men on the left are believed to have blown themselves up while the man on the right is being sought by police

The two men on the left are believed to have blown…

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Teacher Tweets that His MUSLIM STUDENTS CHEERED Brussels Attacks, POLICE Tell Him to Stop Tweeting

A teacher tweeted that the Muslim children in his class were celebrating the Belgium jihad attacks. Within a few hours, 3 police found him and advised him not to tweet any more.

This is the reality of Europe today.

They can’t stop who knows how many jihadis from blowing up a number of targets in Brussels, but they can descend on a teacher within hours of a tweet.

The police have time to visit this teacher, despite being overwhelmed by terror investigations.

Belgian Authorities Overwhelmed By Terror Investigations, Buzzfeed, March 23,…

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