Pamela Geller – VIDEO: Russian Muslim WAVES A CHILD’S SEVERED HEAD on Moscow street shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR,” while making bomb threats

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FBI CAVES to terror-tied CAIR’s demands, SCRUBS anti-terror site of Islam and jihad

The FBI launched a new website to jihad terrorism but scrubbed it any references to Islam or Islamist extremism at the behest of terror-tied group CAIR.

Titled “Don’t be a Puppet,” the site originally had a significant emphasis on the main terrorism scourge plaguing today’s world – namely, extremist Islam. However, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – self-billed as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization” and headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. – pressured the FBI, and all references to Islam were removed.

The FBI had to sever all ties to CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) becuase of their ties to terror groups like Hamas and the Muslim…

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VIDEOS/PHOTO CRISIS: Muslim Migrants Stone Police in Calais, France “the Jungle” Camp

As police gave a one hour warning to the invaders, 150 to 200 of them began to throw rocks and set fire to tents.

The “Jungle” (the nickname given to a lawless migrant camp  in the vicinity of Calais, France, where migrants have take over) should never have been allowed to continue to expand. It’s been a horror for some time. I have reported on it for months. Here a just a couple of examples:

VIDEO Resident of Calais speaks: “This is the death of civilization”

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Muslim Migrants storm Greece/Macedonia border

Spring is in the air. And the hordes return.

Greece has recalled its ambassador from Austria.

Greek Olympic stadium has now been turned into refugee camp (see second video).

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says the EU risks turning his country into a refugee “warehouse” unless other nations in the bloc share the burden of the migrant crisis. Athens says it will block future EU agreements if the refugee problem isn’t shared.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 6.48.55 PM

“Refugees storm border fence in Macedonia, face tear gassing by police,” RT, 29 Feb, 2016:

Macedonian police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of refugees, who tried to storm the fence on the country’s border with Greece.

The crowd, frustrated with restrictions imposed on…

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Mark Zuckerberg: German Refugee Policies ‘Inspiring,’ U.S. Should ‘Follow Their Lead’

Perhaps Zuckerberg should follow Merkel to Germany and live as a Jew among the Muslim migrants who he finds so inspiring.

My posts on Facebook have been blocked, as have those of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Many of you have written me and complained. My Page has close to 300,000 followers. It’s a critical means to communicate what the media won’t,  which is why they’ve blocked me. I’ll wait it out. We need Facebook. But I will call out Zuckerberg for the pathetic tool that he is.

Mark Zuckerberg: German Refugee Policies ‘Inspiring,’ U.S. Should ‘Follow Their Lead’ By Breitbart News, February 27, 2016:

Speaking at a town hall event in Berlin, the 31-year old billionaire said German leadership in…

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Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

This from the city of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing.

Hugh Fitzgerald over at Jihad Watch explains: Hugh Fitzgerald: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

“Veterans, troubled by rhetoric, rally support of Muslims” reads the headline to a story in the print edition of today’s Boston Sunday Globe (online yesterday it was “Local veterans hold rally in support of Muslims.”) It described a group, Veterans for Peace, that felt it simply had to stand up on behalf of Muslims in Massachusetts whom, we were told, are feeling terribly put upon because of the “politics of fear” that unscrupulous politicians were using “as a wedge issue and they’re scaring people.” The veterans were…

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SPLC: “Domestic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino last year….. are the propaganda work of anti-Muslim ideologues like Pamela Geller” @Mattarmuses

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” So said George Orwell. And we are a society largely adrift.

Facts, evidence, reality are tossed off like some out of date, old fashioned idea. Truth is “hate.” Truth is islamofauxbic. Anyone who criticizes oppression, subjugation, supremacism is smeared, defamed, blacklisted. Posturing as humanitarians, vicious hate groups like the SPLC are deemed legitimate authorities by cultural and political power players. The SPLC is not a group dedicated to the defense of human rights. It is a hard-left attack machine. Vets, patriots, and freedom’s defenders are in its crosshairs. Even Presidential hopeful Ben Carson was on their hate list…

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VIDEO: Russian Muslim WAVES A CHILD’S SEVERED HEAD on Moscow street shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR,” while making bomb threats

Police in Russia arrested a woman who pulled out a female child’s severed head from her bag and brandished it in front of a crowd of shocked Moscow metro station passersby, while shouting – according to one media outlet – “Allahu Akbar.”

According to local media, she shouted: ‘I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead.

‘You have become so hardened, you have eliminated so many of us. Look I am a suicide bomber, I will die, doomsday will come in a second.’

The suspect shouted that she had killed the child and was seen praying shortly before officers swooped at Oktyabrskoe Pole.

Witness Alyona Kuratova told independent Dozhd TV that the woman was holding the head by its hair.


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German government admits: over 130,000 “refugees” have disappeared

“More than 130,000 asylum seekers may have disappeared in Germany, according to newly released government figures, raising concerns over terrorism and organised crime.” They haven’t disappeared in order to assimilate and find jobs and become productive members of society. They’ve disappeared in order to plot new jihad terror attacks (remember there were “refugees” among the Paris jihad killers in November) and that was just a harbinger of things to come.


“Germany admits 130,000 asylum seekers ‘lost’ raising fears over crime and terrorism,” by Justin Huggler, Telegraph, February 26, 2016:

More than 130,000 asylum seekers may have disappeared in Germany, according to newly released…

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