The Daily Signal – Capital Bell- The people should determine what kind of Supreme Court they wish to have.

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The Daily Signal – Capital Bell- The people should determine what kind of Supreme Court they wish to have.

The Daily Signal
Mar. 14, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where spending levels and the Supreme Court vacancy are on the minds of lawmakers. In a commentary, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, has a Constitution-based answer for Democrat colleagues on the Judiciary Committee who demand a vote on an Obama nominee. Heritage Foundation analyst Katie Tubb exposes waste in the energy bill advanced by Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn. And budget researcher Mollie McNeill asks: Who is a more irresponsible spender—hip-hop star Kanye West or the U.S. government?

The people should determine what kind of Supreme Court they wish to have. The text of our founding charter is clear: The president has full and complete power to nominate individuals to the Supreme Court, and the Senate has full and complete power to confirm nominees or to withhold consent, writes Sen. Mike Lee.
GOP senator’s energy bill is not so “clean.” The Heritage Foundation’s Blueprint for Balance has identified at least 17 programs in the energy and water development appropriations bill that need to be shrunk or eliminated altogether. Making these changes would save taxpayers $6.47 billion next year and reduce federal intervention and micromanagement of energy markets,writes The Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb.
Kanye West isn’t the only one with a spending problem. If Kanye West’s personal finances have you worried, take a closer look at the federal budget, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Mollie McNeill.
What we’re reading: America’s system of government is predicated on checks and balances that prevent the domination of any one branch, but today’s government is wildly out of balance. Case in point: immigration. With the courts wielding absolute power and Obama’s suspension of deportations, the dangers of illegal immigration have expanded beyond the issue of sanctuary cities. The GOP Congress needs to step up in defense of our nation’s sovereignty using the legal tools at its disposal, but so far it seems content to grovel before the courts. Read more.

An analysis conducted by Denver7, the city’s ABC affiliate, is calling attention to the Denver Police Department’s use of forfeiture proceeds. According to its investigation, the police department used money from its forfeiture fund to pay for thousands of dollars in video equipment for its media relations unit and enter a local Emmy competition. In total, the Denver Police Department spent more than $120,000 on items including a Macbook Pro and iPhone app. Watch the video.
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