Why gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held liable for the Sandy Hook tragedy

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Why gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held liable for the Sandy Hook tragedy

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Mar. 01, 2016
Good afternoon from Capitol Hill, where the Senate is working on a new energy bill. That may sound good, Nick Loris writes, but it’ll lead to bad government. Two more states are acting to protect religious freedom, and Sarah Torre has the reasons why that’s sound policy. Americans are sick of mass murders—but, Andrew Kloster submits, the solution isn’t as simple as suing gun manufacturers.

Why gun manufacturers shouldn’t be held liable for the Sandy Hook tragedy. The emphasis should be on vigorously enforcing existing gun laws, both state and federal, to prevent atrocities like Sandy Hook from happening—not punishing those companies that follow the law, argues The Heritage Foundation’s Andrew Kloster.
Senate energy bill will only increase government cronyism. The Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris says this bill illustrates why bipartisanship isn’t always a good thing. Many times it means there are goodies available for which taxpayers will have to pick up the tab.
Two states are working to protect religious liberty. Because Religious Freedom Restoration Acts have proven to be excellent policy, it would be a mistake for West Virginia and Georgia not to add their names to the roster of states that have adopted them to further religious liberty for all, writes The Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Torre.
What we’re reading: Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner sheds light on the supposed facts behind climate change. According to the data, not all is as liberals, or even NASA, would have it seem. Check out his column.

With Puerto Rico’s economy in continual decline since the 1970s, Congress is considering solutions to put it back on track. Puerto Rico has U.S. policies like the minimum wage to thank for its current situation. Read what sort of economic reforms might help revive the island’s economy if Congress enacts them.
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