Aussie Conservative Blog – Reconciling with the criticism of the critics of Islam

Aussie Conservative Blog – Reconciling with the criticism of the critics of Islam

by freedomfighter1995

This title is perhaps complex to some, and yet, it addresses an important issue that frequently arises in debates regarding Islam. Through the guilt by association tactic, those who seek to acknowledge the truth about what Islam commands in reality, are routinely discredited through accusations which state criticizing Islam is ‘playing into Isis’s hands’ or is ‘turning Muslims against the West’. I have addressed this dilemma faced by the critics of Islam on a previous occasion, and yet I will do so again.

I see recognizing reality, and acknowledging Jihad and Islamic law to be inseparable from Islam, as a starting point to any fightback against radical Muslims. The idea that by avoiding the actualities of Islam, is a productive way of combating groups such as Islamic State, is a misleading and foolishly- conceived one. Winston Churchill once described appeasement as being ‘like feeding a crocodile, hoping it will eat you last’. In contemporary times, this quote presents a compelling and undeniable relevance, to people of all political persuasions. Ignoring the truth about Islam, will only delay the inevitable, and offset responsibilities to the next generation.

We must first and fur-most acknowledge the truth about Islam, have conviction in this belief, and point out to all people, both Muslim and non- Muslim, of the facts of Islam’s numerous shortfalls. It is important for non- Muslims to be able to acknowledge this basic truth. And for Muslims, rather than attempting to alienate them, as many critics insinuate, this recognition must be used an opportunity to in a legitimate and reasonable method, point out the issues related to Islam, so that the abuses against women, disbelievers, apostates, and homosexuals is adequately realized. Only when this recognition is complete, and Muslims see the horrendous impacts of Jihad and Islamic law for what they truly are, can we ever hope to move forward to an era in which all ethnic and religious groups, behave in a manner in accordance with common human rights and decency.

Without this initial admission, and some basic truth telling in regards to the origins of many jihadist movements, we can not aspire to move forward. Without telling a 5-year-old that stealing is wrong, he will never cease to steal, and this principle underpins the approach we must take towards Islam.

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