Pamela Geller- Invasion: Hundreds of Muslim ‘Refugees’ FLOOD into U.S. Per Week

Pamela Geller- Invasion: Hundreds of Muslim ‘Refugees’ FLOOD into U.S. Per Week


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FBI Chief: Rise of “Islamophobia” a “concerning issue”

Really? That’s where we are as the death toll in the cause of Islam mounts and Christians are being wiped out in the Middle East? Tell it to the dead.

Why isn’t increasing piety among Muslims and widespread support of jihad a concerning issue for this FBI clown?

FBI top dog: Rise of “Islamophobia” a “concerning issue” By Robert Spencer, April 12, 2016:

On “Islamophobia,” see here. On pandering to the Muslim community in Detroit and counting on Muslims there to aid in counterterror efforts, remember that Hamas-linked CAIR has more than once advised Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement. In January 2011, its San Francisco chapter featured on its website a poster that read, “Build A Wall of Resistance /…

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Thousands of War Criminals Reported Among Muslim “Refugees” in Germany

And Obama is flooding our shores with these invaders.

“Refugees in Germany reporting dozens of war crimes,”, April 13, 2016:

The German police is receiving dozens of reports of potential war criminals among refugees, a state broadcaster has reported. At least one suspected war criminal has already been arrested, and 13 investigations launched.

The German criminal police (BKA) is receiving between 25 and 30 reports about war crimes per day from refugees arriving in the country, a regional broadcaster reported on Monday.

The BKA’s specialist war crimes division, based in the small town of Meckenheim, near Bonn, told the “Hessische Rundfunk” that they “weren’t prepared for this mass…

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Invasion: Hundreds of Muslim ‘Refugees’ FLOOD into U.S. Per Week

Despite everything we know and have seen in the wake of the Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe, President Barack Hussein Obama is expediting the importation of these invaders into the United States. How is the US government going to distinguish between jihadis and peaceful Muslims when Islam and jihad have been scrubbed from the vetting process? The Islamic State is printing passports; how will the US government detect Muslim attackers like those in the Brussels and Paris, who posed as “Syrian refugees”?

This isn’t madness, it’s evil.

The Lebanese education minister said there were 20000 active jihadists among the refugees in his country, and the Islamic State said in February 2015 that they would be sending 400,000…

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Sharia: Germany ‘BANS’ sexy women in ads after Muslim sex assaults in Cologne

The Merkelistan Stasi. Germany with another fascist leader. Remember, Hitler loved Islam, too. Merkel brings Islam to Germany and submits to it.

This is surrender. Instead of enforcing the law and holding the Muslim migrants accountable for their crimes (and deporting them, and stopping importing more), Germany is beginning to surrender and adopt Islamic mores. Anywhere Islamic law and mores conflict with Western law and mores, it is Western mores that must give way. This is a sign of the Islamization of Germany.

Last week, I reported that Germany would be segregating some swimming pools because of Muslim migrant sex attacks. So this is clearly a trend. Schools and canteens in Germany are “banning” the serving of pork to avoid…

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At Least 50 British Jihadis Granted Permission to Leave Islamic State, Prompting Terrorism Fears

The Islamic State has dispatched a jihad cell to UK and/or Europe. The fact that these Muslim soldiers can come and go as they please speaks to the disastrous immigration policies in the West concerning Muslims from jihad regions.

Any Muslim who leaves his or her native country — especially in the West (US, Europe, Canada, etc.) to go to Iraq and Syria should be prohibited from returning. They are giving up their citizenship to fight for the Islamic State — the declared enemy of the West.

At Least 50 British Jihadis Granted Permission to Leave Islamic State, Prompting Terrorism Fears,” Breitbart, April 13, 2016:

More than 50 British jihadis who traveled to Syria to fight have been issued permission slips to leave Islamic…

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ISIS Kills 21 CHRISTIANS in Syria

Where are the leaders of the Church? Busy making sure that no one speaks out about Muslim persecution of Christians.

isis rocket launcher

“Syria war: IS group killed 21 Christians in al-Qaryatain, says patriarch,” BBC, April 10, 2016:

Reports are emerging of the killing of Syrian Christians by Islamic State militants in the town of al-Qaryatain.

The town was retaken by Russian-backed Syrian forces and their allies earlier in the week.

Some 21 Christians were murdered when almost 300 Christians remained in the city after IS captured it last August, said the head of the Syrian Orthodox Church.

They included three women, Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II told the BBC.

He said some died whilst trying to escape while the others were killed for breaking the…

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California Muslim couple accused of TRAFFICKING housekeeper

Slavery is sanctioned in the Quran and Muhammad owned slaves. So why shouldn’t Firas Majeed and Shatha Abbas have a slave? But watch for cries that their arrest was islamofauxbic.

Islamic-Apartheid-boston slaves

“El Cajon couple accused of trafficking housekeeper,” by Kristina Davis, San Diego Union Tribune, April 8, 2016:

San Diego — A handwritten note asking a nurse for help has led to labor trafficking charges against an Iraqi couple who are accused of forcing an Indonesian housekeeper to work without pay in their El Cajon apartment.

Her rescue a few days later is the first time in more than five years the woman, referred to in court documents only as W.M., has been free of indentured servitude, authorities said Friday.

“Today’s arrests bring to…

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German “Intelligence” Chief Admits: Analysts DIDN’T EXPECT Terrorists to Sneak Into Europe With Migrants

How could they not have expected such a thing? They were too busy wringing their hands over islamofauxbia to notice the real threat.

Hans-Georg Maassen

“German Intelligence Chief Makes Surprising Admission: Analysts Didn’t Expect Terrorists to Sneak Into Europe With Migrants,” by Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze, April 12, 2016:

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said in an interview published Sunday that security officials had misjudged the Islamic State group’s ambition to sneak terrorists into Germany under the guise of asylum seekers.

In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Hans-Georg Maassen, head of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, or BfV, admitted there had been a…

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