Pamela Geller – Obama’s friend Erdogan says “Islamophobia” should be a crime

Pamela Geller – Obama’s friend Erdogan says “Islamophobia” should be a crime


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Woman relives the moment she was gang raped by five Muslim migrants: ‘They were like a pack of wolves’

This woman is brave to come forward and tell this gruesome story. Only one of the five Muslim migrants were apprehended. The other four “escaped the country.” Don’t believe it. They are being hidden by the Muslim community much the way the Paris jihadis were.

‘They were like a pack of wolves’: Woman relives the moment she was gang raped by five ‘foreign’ men as she went to pick up a KFC takeaway for her boyfriend

Michelle Pavey, 30, from Radstock, Bath, was gang raped by five men
She had popped out to pick up a takeaway for her boyfriend Gareth
Was heckled by five ‘foreign’ men in a car – and they kidnapped her
She fought back but was held down by two men

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Obama’s friend Erdogan says “Islamophobia” should be a crime

What he means is that any opposition to jihad terror should be criminalized. This is the man whom Obama called his best, most trusted friend among world leaders.

obama erdogan

“Erdogan: Anti-Semitism is a crime, Islamophobia should be too,” Jerusalem Post, April 3, 2016:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with CNN ensured that Jewish citizens living in Turkey will be safe, and slammed European countries for not heeding his terror warnings.

When asked by CNN correspondent Christine Amanpour about the heightened threat towards Jews in Turkey, Erdogan firmly replied: “We have a very significant number of Jewish citizens and they have always been safe and secure where they are in Turkey.”…

On the…

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Swiss school LAMBASTED for backing Muslim teens who REFUSE TO SHAKE HANDS WITH FEMALE TEACHERS

If these children are so religious, why are they attending a secular, public school? And why is it incumbent on the public school to bend to Islam and change its tradition and mores to accommodate Islamic misogyny?

Wherever Islamic law and Western law conflict, it is Western law and mores that must give way.

Why? And why did this school cave?  Why sanction the most misogynist and extreme ideology on the face of the earth (sharia)?

“Swiss school lambasted for backing Muslim teens who refuse to shake hands with female teachers,” RT,  April 5, 2016:

A school in Switzerland says its Muslim pupils will no longer have to shake hands with female teachers following a controversial ruling. Two male Muslim students said they did not…

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UK: BRIGHTON TERROR PLOT: Teen ISIS jihadis planned gun and knife attack on seaside town

All the appeasement, all the solicitude, all the hospitality the British government has shown to jihadis, all the hostility it has shown to counter-jihadis, and this is what it gets.


“BRIGHTON TERROR PLOT: Teen ISIS jihadis ‘planned’ gun and knife attack on seaside town,” by Rebecca Flood, Express, April 3, 2016:

A GANG of nearly 30 young people from seaside town Brighton have been unmasked as budding jihadis who were feared to be plotting a terrorist attack.

Counter-terrorism officials identified the large group, of which roughly half are teenagers, as highly likely to flee to the Islamic State (ISIS) strongholds of Iraq and Syria.

The 28 strong gang, which includes five teenage girls who converted to Islam, were…

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Children in Pakistan learning to HATE Jews and Christians in PUBLIC SCHOOL

Meanwhile, our children are learning that any opposition to jihad terror is islamofauxbia. Who will win?


“Children in Pakistan are learning disturbing things about other religions in school,” by Nafees Takkar, Christian Science Monitor, March 31, 2016:

… In recent years in government-approved schools, students are using textbooks that teach hostility towards all forms of thought and expression – except orthodox Sunni Islam….

The books claim that Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh faiths, and even minority Muslim ethnic groups are inferior if not dangerous and should be opposed. They often present stereotyped images from history – the crusades in the Middle Ages, unjust colonial British civil servants, Jewish…

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Obama DECEIVED Congress and American People on IRAN NUCLEAR PACT

Obama continues to play word games in his utter contempt for us. Obama says Iran is not “living up to the spirit of the agreement.” What absolute nonsense. It was so obvious from the beginning that Iran had no intention of living up to any Faustian bargain with Obama.

Obama lied. The Obama administration knowingly deceived the American people. At the last minute, the Obama administration caved, changed the resolution, and lifted the prohibition of ballistic missile launches.

Further, Iran continues to violate the agreement by sending massive weapons arsenals to those fighting the US-led coalition in Yemen.

This “deal” is a bloody nightmare.

Watch the latest video at

“Congress Investigating…

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WATCH: Female journalist ATTACKED LIVE ON AIR in Islamic-terror town Molenbeek, Belgium

This escalating violence continues in Belgium. This is a pattern. In January, French and Belgian journalists filming in the Muslim town of Molenbeek.

Back in the day, journalists would travel to war zones to cover the war. Today, Europe is a war zone, and every journalist who tries to cover these savages is a war correspondent.

Female journalist attacked by angry teen LIVE ON AIR in Belgian terror town Molenbeek
A JOURNALIST and cameraman were attacked by a teenager during a live television report as tensions in the Brussels district of Molenbeek hit breaking point.
By Selina Sykes

The footage shows Italian broadcast journalist Giovanna Pancheri presenting in the troubled area before the camera jerks away and the face of a young…

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