Aussie Conservative Blog ? Who are the real dividers?

Aussie Conservative Blog ? Who are the real dividers?

aussie conservative blog - by Old Guard Audio

Aussie conservative blog – by Old Guard Audio

Something that is growing increasingly evident, is that the so-called majority of peace- loving Muslims, who abhor Islamist movements in all their forms, is more like a minority. Whilst beheadings or other savage punishments are enough for Muslim leaders to redeliver their scripted condemnations, our problems with Islam, delve far deeper than this.

While awareness of these events is limited due to an inexorable lack of media coverage, yesterday witnessed a vicious Islamist attack in North Queensland, after a French Muslim, stabbed a British backpacker to the cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’. It seems apparent, that public discourse regarding the motivations behind jihadis, has been so saturated with claims of ‘mental health issues’ or ‘socio- economic problems’, that Islamic terrorism is no longer seen as compelling news.

However, in response to the attack, Ali Kadri, a spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland, provided us with a glimpse into the sinister, more covert resistance from the mainstream Muslim community, when it comes to fighting acts of terrorism.

“We have to be careful about trying to connect every single murder committed by a Muslim to terrorism,” he said. “To speculate it’s (an act of) terrorism … what is going to happen now is Isis are going to pick up on it, they’re going to claim it, and they’re going to look stronger than they are.”

Note how Kadri offered no sympathy towards the victim of the stabbing, or condolences to family and friends. Instead, fears of straight- talking and other speaking honestly about the issue occupied his address. Without a second of hesitation, Kadri quickly turned an attack committed by a Muslim, as an opportunity to present his community as a victim. To provoke this subtle, yet clear narrative, that our main concerns in response to Islamist attacks should be with Muslims, demonstrates an extraordinarily callous, cruel and cold- hearted disregard for disbeliever life.

Moreover, this attempt to scapegoat the infidel as the oppressor despite them being the oppressed is inherently divisive and reveals the true intentions of much of the Australian Muslim community’s leaders. They are more upset, more angered, and more frustrated, at actual discussions and policies aimed at solving terrorism, than they are at terrorism itself.

This was reflected in 2014, when dozens of Muslim organizations, including the University of Melbourne Islamic Society, the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance and the Canberra Islamic Center, at length excoriated the newly- introduced anti-terror laws, which have since led to numerous arrests and foiled. No matter how or why you try to apologize for the reasons and motivations behind this letter, it must be asked; where was a similar letter condemning ISIS or any other terrorist organization?

This combative, defensive approach pursued routinely by the Muslim leadership, is aimed at avoiding all criticism, nullifying integration, and fundamentally, whether intentional or not, excusing and enabling Islamism. Thus, we must no longer not sit idly as exercises of free speech and opinion is falsely critiqued as fear mongering, and causing disunity when the real offenders are those who hide behind such shallow labels.

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