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Aussie Conservative Blog -> Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

aussie conservative blog - by Old Guard Audio

aussie conservative blog – by Old Guard Audio

Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

by Aussie Conservative

As explained by George Hutcheson, ‘multiculturalism’ in the sense that nations should be impartial to all peoples and cultures, is impossible. As at present, no land can ever be fully culturally neutral, and the preponderance of some cultural/ ethnic/ religious groups will always come at the expense of less significant ones. We can debate about what this expense should look like, but its requirement is undeniable. Given the modern context of growing momentum against age-old monuments and Australia Day, we should remember the nation’s role is not to act as some objective, dispassionate, seeker of truth. Rather, nations exist to serve the interests of their own.

Likewise, while this blog has previously highlighted the post- Charlottesville witch- hunt for ‘white supremacy,’ Hutcheson sheds light on what drives this belligerent frenzy. Instead of white supremacy being understood as those who wish to systematically oppress minorities through obvious means, white supremacy is now measured along cultural lines. In effect, this means that any placing of European culture before others represents a form of oppression which needs radical alteration.

Ultimately, given Western culture and people are seen as an eternal source of oppression, the desired response is clear: that European people be driven out, subjugated, and overwhelmed wherever they live. Only when this occurs can the specter of ‘white supremacy,’ be truly eradicated.

Aussie Conservative | December 4, 2017 at 10:30 pm

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