Crooked Hillary cost The VIEW host her job! You females out there, don’t ask Crooked Hillary tough questions.

Crooked Hillary kicks Jedediah Bila can at

And so it goes, another one bites the dust. If you get on Crooked Hillary’s hit list, you’re a goner, yep doomed, sure as the world, just ask Jedediah Bila.

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Aussie Conservative Blog – News from across the pond – BERNIECARE – Does All include the Whole Wide World?

aussie conservative blog - by Old Guard Audio

All Aboard the Bernie-care Bandwagon?

On September 13, Sen. Bernie Sanders, backed by 16 Democratic co-sponsors—one-third of the Democrats in the Senate—unveiled his “Medicare For All” bill.  As Sanders said in one of his many interviews accompanying the rollout:

Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful,

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FoxNews FIRST -> Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort was wiretapped by US investigators, according to a report 

FoxNews First Morning Headlines at

Trump is expected to try to make an unequivocal case for the assembly’s 193 members to help stop North Korean leader Kim Jong Un from testing nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles on which to launch a nuclear warhead. North Korea has conducted 14 missile tests this year, the latest on Sept. 14.

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Daily Dose of Media Bias -> Mueller tightening the screws on Manafort

Barack Hussein Obama and the drive by news media @

“Just when the FISA warrant was granted is not clear from the report. But the precise date would tell us a lot. … A key detail to know is whether the warrant was issued perhaps later in June of 2016 or much later in the campaign after Manafort was dismissed in August. By my read the article is not clear on whether the warrant was issued while Manafort was still working on the campaign.”

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The Skimm -> The Trump administration may be having second thoughts about the Paris climate deal.

The Skimm -> The Trump administration may be having second thoughts about the Paris climate deal. Skimm’d with the Emmys on in the background   QUOTE OF THE DAY   “We have dinosaurs. No contest” – London’s Natural History Museum, on whether it would win a duel with the city’s Science Museum. Proving Twitter feuds will never go extinct.     DEAL OR NO DEAL The

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Daily Mullet Wrapper News -> If I had to stock Hillary Clinton’s new memoir in a bookstore, I’d be tempted to place it in a section on self-help or bereavement.

Help Hillary lost and can't shut up at

She reread one of her favorite books, “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by the Dutch priest Henri Nouwen. “It’s something I’ve gone back to repeatedly during difficult times in my life,” she writes. “Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest in our family and something of a Girl Scout, but I’ve always identified with the older brother in the parable. … It’s a story

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Rush Limbaugh tells the Ladies “Take my advice and SUE GOOGLE

rush-limbaugh @ Old Guard Audio

You lady engineers at Google? I want to say something to you. Google is playing defense right now on the issue of diversity. This memo by a Google employee… I mean, this guy has just thrown a political correctness bomb right into the executive suite,

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