Assault Rifle News -> Belleville pair facing charges after assault rifles, ammunition found in motel room

Oregon Gun Rights Oppose Obama Visit

Anything can be an assault weapon, not just a gun
Anything can be an assault weapon, not just a gun Letter writer argues that anything can be an assault weapon and that people should realize the actual purpose of assault rifles. Check out this story on …

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Victor Davis Hanson -> The Clintons — At the End of All Things

The Clintons have contempt for the media precisely because the media are so obsequious. They smile, that, like themselves, the media are easily manipulated and compromised — to the extent of offering their articles, before publication, for Clinton approval (as the New York Times’ Mark Leibovich did; leaking debate questions to the Clinton campaign (as Donna Brazile did);

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The Skimm ->

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What to say when you keep seeing #MeToo…

So has McKayla Maroney. Yesterday, the Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast said she was repeatedly molested by a USA Gymnastics team doctor. In recent weeks, tons of people have come forward in public and on social media with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse.

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PowerLine -> Australia’s Tony Abbott: On Global Warming, Dare to Doubt + The Important Story You’re Not Hearing Much About

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The so-called strategic intelligence firm Fusion GPS is behind the infamous Trump Dossier. The dossier is one of the keys to the anti-Trump hysteria in which we have been engulfed since the election. Who paid for the Trump Dossier? The House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to figure out what happened and at whose behest. Fusion GPS, however, won’t say. The company’s lawyer has submitted a 17-page list of reasons why the company won’t comply. Something is happening here. It is a most peculiar matter.

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The Daily Signal -> Why Trump’s Not Replacing Bureaucrats Enables the ‘Deep State’

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And they have certainly found ways to cause problems from the get-go in the Trump administration, such as subversively leaking information to the press, blasting the president on Twitter, and refusing to implement the administration’s immigration policies.

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FoxNews First -> Gold Star families caught in the middle of liberals’ war on Trump + Fox News exclusive: North Korea escapee tells her story

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NFL COMMISSIONER – OR NAG? “[Roger Goodell] acted like a parent who says to his child you really ought to eat your vegetables, but I’m not going to make you. And, if you’d rather eat ice cream, go ahead because there’s no consequences.”

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Dow Surge 🔥rallying for its 51st record close

Dow Surge 🔥 rallying for its 51st record close The Dow surged past 23,000 Wednesday and closed above the milestone for the first time, rallying for its 51st record close of the year. More on this story: For more news, please go to and watch the FOX Business Network.  

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Twitchy Today -> ‘Smackdown time’! Melissa Francis drops a HEAVY mic on Media Matters’ condescension

Twitchy Today -> ‘Smackdown time’! Melissa Francis drops a HEAVY mic on Media Matters’ condescension ‘Smackdown time’! Melissa Francis drops a HEAVY mic on Media Matters’ condescension Read Story Just ONE problem with Frederica Wilson’s shot at Trump over La David Johnson’s widow Read Story Death Of The Dollar: New World Currency to CRUSH USD Economists Warn: Your Money Isn’t

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The Manhattan Institute -> Should the House Accept the Alexander-Murray Deal?

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The Manhattan Institute -> Should the House Accept the Alexander-Murray Deal?  October 18, 2017 HEALTH POLICY Should the House Accept the Alexander-Murray Deal? Cost-sharing-reduction subsidies can be acceptable if the individual mandate is loosened. By Chris Pope National Review Online October 18, 2017   INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION Well-Heeled Fliers Against Air-Traffic Reform Corporate-jet and private-plane trade groups like the current

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PowerLine -> To appease kneelers, NFL backs leniency for felons + The Bergdahl Obamanation

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We have Obama’s fake bonhomie with the Bergdahls. We have the portrayal of Bergdahl as a heroic prisoner of war. Unlike Susan Rice, Obama omitted any assertion fact regarding Bergdahl’s capture. The heroic portrayal is implied in the depiction of Bergdahl’s deprivations. We have Obama’s negotiation with terrorists and exchange of a deserter for five-high ranking Taliban terrorists as a triumph of martial valor, fidelity to military tradition and brilliant diplomacy, all in the service of American ideals.

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