Paris attacks kill more than 120 people – as it happened

Witness accounts from across Paris: ‘I saw my final hour unfurl before me’

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Amending the US constitution: the political rarity that’s suddenly in vogue

The US constitution has been successfully changed only 27 times in its 227-year history, but a sudden upsurge in talk – from many presidential candidates – suggests constitutional reform may no longer be the refuge of political kooks

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Same-sex marriage at supreme court: key justice proves skeptical of arguments – as it happened

Old Guard Audio Podcast
  • Arguments in Obergefell v Hodges to begin at 10am ET
  • Court will seek to answer whether states must allow same-sex marriages
  • Justices also to consider if states must recognize licenses from other states
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Hillary Clinton to give 2016 race a jolt with announcement set for Sunday

Hoax and Change 2nd amendment news and more

Former secretary of state expected to shun frills as she makes her candidacy official with a tweet on Sunday before a campaign tour of Iowa next week

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