What now for progressives after Hillary Clinton’s loss?

Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton Drown and Rape at HoaxAndChange.com

A Trump administration and a Republican Congress leave the left floundering in an anti-establishment tide: ‘This is not a left v right country any longer’

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Donald Trump wins US election: ‘we’re all on the same team’ Obama says – live

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Milwaukee sheriff says it’s ‘pitchforks and torches time’ and stands by Trump

David A Clarke accuses media and government of corruption but scholars say a court would not rule that the comments are inciting violence

“People have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustration, their anger and resentment. We cannot have the social upheaval,” Clarke told a local Fox news station.

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American Nazi Party leader sees ‘a real opportunity’ with a Trump presidency – Forward by Aussie Conservative Blog

Well how is it that Donald Trump, can receive such a tsunami of criticism in response to the comments of an unaffiliated, fringe group that carries zero traction in any American legislature, and yet Barrack Obama, when endorsed in the past by two more influential, and yet equally prejudiced organisations, in the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam, barely received a slither of such criticism?

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