Katie Couric gun control film entangled in #Gungate and a question of ethics

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Under the Gun’s ‘balanced look’ at issue draws increased skepticism from media and documentary’s subjects with accusations of editing ‘manipulation’

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‘Why not do the right thing’? Renewed gun control push targets firearm dealers

Thirteen Democrats sent letter imploring three major firearms dealers to refrain from selling guns without complete and thorough background checks of buyers

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Congress seeks to lift gun ban at military outposts despite army’s concerns

Republican lawmakers cite fears of lone wolf attacks like the Chattanooga shooting even as military leaders warn against ‘over-arming ourselves’

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Rick Perry calls for more guns in cinemas following Lafayette shooting

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US Republican hopeful for 2016 presidential race says ‘gun-free zones’ are a ‘bad idea’ and citizens should be allowed to carry weapons while watching movies

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Lafayette shooting sets off a familiar chain reaction across political spectrum

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The response is now routine in a nation beleaguered by gun violence, and as with past tragedies, there’s little indication Lafayette will be a catalyst for gun reform

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