Pamela Geller Report -> Dem Portland Mayor Asks Federal Government to Shut Down Free Speech Rallies and March Against Sharia

ISIS Head Syrian Refugee at

Pamela Geller Report -> Dem Portland Mayor Asks Federal Government to Shut Down Free Speech Rallies and March Against Sharia

Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, Ore  - wants to block free speech

Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, Ore – wants to block free speech


 Today’s Top Stories

ACLU Opposes Maine Bill Criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation

The American Civil Liberties Union launched a vocal opposition this week against a Maine bill criminalizing female genital mutilation (FGM), Mainely Media reports.

“Moderate” Lebanon will ban Wonder Woman because lead actress is Jewish

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s a central tenet of Islam. Coexist! Tolerance! Outreach! Respect it!

VIDEO: Comedian Kathy Griffin holds bloody head of ‘decapitated Trump’

Kathy Griffin should be sent to prison. Now.

The left is destroying this great nation. It’s time to fight back.

Dem Portland Mayor Asks Federal Government to Shut Down Free Speech Rallies and March Against Sharia

The left is exploiting one of its big lies to impose totalitarianism. How Hitlerian

First results of Sweden’s asylum age assessment tests

Well, knock me over a feather. They aren’t children after all.

Rep Babin Requests Review of Cases of US Troops Imprisoned for Actions Taken in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) sent a letter to President Trump last week requesting a full review of each case involving any U.S. service member who is currently imprisoned in U.S. prisons for certain actions taken during combat in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Terrorists and their supporters are honored and heralded at universities, parades and media puff pieces while American heroes rot in prison. America 2017.

Sharia Feminism: 19-Year-Old Girl Who Reported Rape by Cousin Sentenced to Stoning

We can always count on sharia to be fair and just – especially to women. Mohammed was the first femimist after all – so Sarsour et al would have us believe.

Armed police storm Paris bus after three terrorists ‘threaten to blow up vehicle’

Here, there, every bloody where.

“Anonymous Congressman” to Host Anti-Israel Hatefest in Congress, Sparking Outrage on Hill

Evil lurks in the shadows. Why anonymous? Not because they are ashamed or embarrassed of their Jew-hatred, but to give Democrat leaders an out. If the identity of the Congressman was public, Schumer and Pelosi would be under an obligation to speak out (which is what happened when this was tried before by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee).

Al Qaeda and ISIS are Correct About Islam

Al Qaeda’s co-founder and former emir Osama bin Laden said: “It is a duty for the Umma with all its categories, men, women and youths, to give away themselves, their money, experiences and all types of material support…Jihad today is an imperative for every Muslim. The Umma will commit sin if it does not provide adequate material support for jihad.”

ISIS Ready to Declare Caliphate in Southern Philippines

A full-on jihad is raging in the Philippines, where ISIS fighters have taken over a town.

Teen jihadis KILL those who cannot recite Quran

Teens — the future of Islam. How has this “misunderstanding” (according to leftist lapdogs) become so widespread among Muslims, and most especially the young? Who is actually getting Islam wrong — devout Muslims or leftist apologists?

Jihadi teen arrested in suicide bomb plot in Berlin

We get lucky, they get caught; They get lucky, we get dead kids.

Muslim group buries man neck-deep, stones him to death for ‘cheating on his two wives’

Why didn’t this devout Muslim just take his mistress as a third wife? Why lie? Under Islam, Muslims are permitted four wives.

University of San Francisco to deify jihad mass murderer

The norming of evil. The mainstreaming of jihad and Jew-hatred. This is why we protested the CUNY invitation to bigot and antisemite Linda Sarsour. Because it doesn’t end with Sarsour, it opens the door to more evil.

France: Media, Govt SILENT Over Muslim’s Savage Muslim Murder of Jewish Senior, local youths chanted “Death to the Jews” at memorial

The murderer recited verses from the Quran. The police were there and didn’t help her while this devout Muslim savagely beat her.

Muslim man offers FREE HUGS in response to Manchester jihad massacre

This disgusting piece is just more enemedia whitewash of Islam.

‘Islam ISN’T linked to terrorism’: Chief Australian doctors group makes farcical claim days after Manchester jihad massacre

An Australian doctors lobby group has dismissed the ‘inherent links’ between Islam and terrorism and is urging a powerful committee to follow suit.

The Public Health Association of Australia has called on the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade to ‘disavow’ the concept.

Frustrated Trump Renews Criticisms of Germany as NATO Deadbeats

President Donald Trump doubled down on his criticisms against Germany as a deadbeat nation when it comes to paying fair shares to NATO.

CNN Claims Islam was Part of America’s Founding

To the extent that Islam was a part of early American history, it was a negative force, an external enemy. The predations of the Barbary pirates prompted the U.S. to build a world-class navy and deploy the fledgling Marines.

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