Georgia ‘Deplorables’ Tossoff Ossoff

Georgia ‘Deplorables‘ Tossoff Ossoff

Mark Alexander · Jun. 21, 2017

Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday’s special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, in what was both the most expensive and most watched congressional campaign in history. The victory is astounding given the “pollaganda effect” — the heavy media coverage in the last two weeks giving Ossoff the lead. It’s a replay of how wrong the DemoMSM propagandists were in 2016.

Astoundingly, there was more than $50 million spent in this election by the candidates and special interest groups — $20 million more than the previous congressional record. Ossoff, who collected most of his funding from rich liberals in California and Massachusetts, outspent Handel 7-1 — and still couldn’t pull it off.

Democrats insisted, right up until Handel’s victory, that this election was a referendum on Donald Trump, but it is more a referendum on the Democrats’ failure to understand Americans outside the Beltway and their elitist East Coast urban centers. Yes, this was Dr. Tom Price’s district (now Trump’s HHS Secretary), but if this was just about Trump, his low approval rating should have opened the door wide for a Democrat win — especially given that Trump only won the district by a narrow 1.5% margin last year. But Handel defeated Ossoff with a 5% margin — so much for the Democrats’ blustering about “narrowing victory margins.”

Political commentator Tucker Carlson nailed it: “Democrats still have no idea why they keep losing elections. If they did, they would have run a real candidate, with a real job who understands the constituents he is attempting to represent.”

Meanwhile, in a little watched House election in South Carolina, Republican Ralph Normal defeated Democrat Archie Parnell. Demos are now 0 for 4 in special elections since 2016.

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