Israel News -> The ‘reward’ of every Temple Mount rioter: 4,500 shekels a month

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Israel News -> The ‘reward’ of every Temple Mount rioter: 4,500 shekels a month

א’ בתמוז תשע”ז / Sunday, Jun. 25 ’17
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  1. The ‘reward’ of every Temple Mount rioter: 4,500 shekels a month
  2. ‘Incitement against IDF enlistment is occurring under our noses’
  3. Parents of sick children begin hunger strike
  4. 3 Arabs indicted for attacking Jew wrapped in tallit
  5. ‘What if Elor Azariya’s name was Dean Issacharoff?’
  6. Bolivia’s leader calls Chile the ‘Israel of South America’
  7. Tzipi Kaplan, daughter of Rabbi Kahane, passes away
  8. WATCH: IDF retaliates for Syria spillover

1. The ‘reward’ of every Temple Mount rioter: 4,500 shekels a month

by Arutz Sheva Staff

A Turkish organization funded partially by the Turkish government invested in a project intended to bring 500 thousand Israeli Arabs to the Al-Aqsa Mosque “to protect it against Israeli invasion and the threat of its destruction,” according to an investigation by Israel Hayom.

The journalist Nadav Shragai reported that an organization called “Mirasimiz” (“Our Heritage,” – ed.) organized mass transportation to the Old City of Jerusalem, allotting 11.5 million shekels for this purpose. The transportation project was to have continued for many months, and the organization obtained 11 buses and hired dozens of additional buses every week to execute the project.

Among those transported by the organization were the agressive men’s group “Mourabitoun” and women’s group “Murabitat,” under the auspices of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who later became illegal after they created riots on the Temple Mount, cursing and attempting to threaten and disrupt Jewish visits to the site.

The program included many schools from the Arab sector in Israel, and the organization also made sure to distribute water and food costing 7.5 million shekels to those it was transporting to the Temple Mount.

The Shin Bet discovered that, in exchange for their presence on the Temple Mount and their harassment of Jewish visitors to the site, each one of the Mourabitoun and Murabitat received a monthly salary of 4,500 shekels a month.

Mirasimiz, according to Israel Hayom, also deals with the buying, fixing, and maintaining buildings in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Temple Mount.

The leader of the organization speaks in the style of Turkish President Erdogan, and envisions a future revival of Jerusalem in the spirit of the Ottoman heritage. He said that international law in Jerusalem is Ottoman law, and Turkey has a right to get involved in Jerusalem because the city is the inheritance of the Ottomans.

2. ‘Incitement against IDF enlistment is occurring under our noses’

by Arutz Sheva Staff

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called on Israel’s attorney general Avichai Mandelblit to open a criminal investigation against “Bladna,” an Israeli-Arab non-profit organization that she says incites Druze youth against IDF enlistment.

“Incitement against IDF enlistment is not only a violation of the law, but harms the cultural fabric and ethos of Israeli society,” said Shaked. “It is inconceivable that this illegal activity occurs under our noses and with the backing of elected officials.”

Shaked’s statement came in response to a report released by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, which claimed that Bladna’s anti-enlistment activities were in violation of the law because they targeted Druze youth who are required to serve in the IDF.

According to the report, Arab members of Knesset including Joint List head Ayman Odeh have publicly supported the organization and have participated in their events at recent as April 2017. The report also notes that Bladna’s donors include the US-based New Israel Fund and the European Union, which donated nearly 2,000,000 NIS to the group in 2015.

Druze members of Knesset also responded to the report.

“I am proud of the members of the Druze community who enlist in the IDF and sanctify the ‘blood covenant’ that exists between the Druze community and the State of Israel,” said Minister of Communications Ayoub Kara.

“I will not allow for any organization, whether political or extra-parliamentary, to harm the unique and strong social fabric created over the years by inciting against IDF enlistment.”

Yisrael Beiteinu MK Hamad Amar, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, pointed to the high percentage of Druze enlistment, calling their loyalty to the state “unquestionable.”

“Not Bladna nor any other organization will be able to uproot the deep and strong connection between the Druze community and the State of Israel,” said Amar.

Kulanu MK Akram Hasson also responded to the report by requesting the non-profit registrar to disband Blanda. “They will not succeed in stoking the flames of quarrel between brothers,” said Hasson.

Chairman of the Subcommittee for Personnel in the IDF, MK Amir Ohana (Likud), announced his intention to convene an emergency committee session to discuss the findings of the report.

“We cannot allow for the haters of Israel to harm the IDF and its soldiers,” said Ohana. “These despicable individuals are trying to discourage IDF enlistment of the Druze community, which includes the best of our warriors and heroes.”

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg emphasized how the New Israel Fund and European governments are trying to “brainwash” Arab youth against integrating in Israeli society.

“It is inconceivable that anti-Israel incitement can penetrate unhindered into Israeli schools,” said Peleg. “It is important to note how the ones to suffer the most are the Arab youth who are being brainwashed to oppose the society in which they live.”

“We are calling on the Attorney General to open an investigation against this foreign agent organization, for both inciting the Druze sector against IDF enlistment and for engaging in seditious activity by calling on an entire population of society to oppose the state.”

3. Parents of sick children begin hunger strike

by Mordechai Sones

Parents of cancer-stricken children at the Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem will open a hunger strike today (Sunday) in the hospital tent set up for the purpose in the Sacher Park in the city.

“We are starting a hunger strike because we have completely lost faith in the health system. We feel that all these players are not telling the truth,” one of the children’s parents wrote on his Facebook page.

The hunger strike comes on the background of the collapse of the “Rivlin outline” to solve the Hadassah Hospital crisis.

At the end of the week it became clear that both Hadassah Hospital management and the resigning doctors were not willing to accept the plan, which would mainly restore the situation in the department to its original predicament.

The doctors made it clear that they would not agree to any negotiations that were not sponsored by the High Court of Justice, while the hospital made it clear that it would agree to return the doctors to the department, but that the new director appointed to the department would remain in his position in any case.

4. 3 Arabs indicted for attacking Jew wrapped in tallit

by Uzi Baruch

An investigation by Jerusalem police led to the arrest of 3 minors who have been indicted for attacking a Jew wrapped in a tallit (prayer shawl) as he left Shabbat morning prayers last week.

The police investigation came about after a Jewish man praying last Shabbat at the synagogue at the tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik in Jerusalem made his way by foot from the synagogue, wrapped in his tallit.

According to the investigation, as the Jew passed 3 Arab youth, the youth turned around, took rocks, and started to throw them at the Jew’s back. The Jewish man started to run, and the youth escaped the scene.

Police working in the area noticed the Jewish man running; they approached him and immediately began searches in the area for the suspects.

A short time later, the Arab youth were located.

The suspects, identified as two brothers and their cousin, all from eastern Jerusalem, were arrested and brought in for investigation on suspicion of an attack under severe circumstances with racist motives and an attack causing tangible harm.

On Friday the prosecution submitted an indictment against the three and their arrest was extended.

Police said that, although the investigation is in its initial stages, it is clear that the attack was perpetrated with nationalistic motive only because the Jewish man was wrapped in a tallit.

“The distribution of forces around Jerusalem and their non-stop alertness around the city led to the discerning and arrest of the suspects within a short time. Israeli Police will not allow any agent to attack a man just because he has a different religion. Offenses with nationalistic motive are treated with great severity, and police will act with a forceful hand against the suspects, against whom the full force of the law will be employed,” police said.

5. ‘What if Elor Azariya’s name was Dean Issacharoff?’

by Arutz Sheva Staff

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett addressed this morning the attack of radical leftist organizations on the decision to investigate “Breaking the Silence” Spokesman Dean Issacharoff, after he claimed to have brutally beaten innocent Arabs during his IDF service.

“A radical leftist from ‘Breaking the Silence’ comes and asserts that he committed terrible war crimes against innocent Arabs. Why, exactly, should an investigation not be opened against him?” Bennett asked. “And if Elor Azariya was named ‘Dean Issacharoff’ and was a member of ‘Breaking the Silence,’ would he also be immune from investigation?”

On Friday, the state prosecutor announced that Issacharoff had been called in for questioning, following the exposure of a video, taken at a Breaking the Silence convention, in which Issacharoff is seen claiming that he violently beat a Palestinian Arab for no justifiable operational reason.

The prosecution emphasized that the decision to call in Issacharoff for questioning came at the request of the Chief Military Prosecutor and those of several officials, including Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.


6. Bolivia’s leader calls Chile the ‘Israel of South America’

by JTA

Bolivian President Evo Morales called Chile the “Israel of South America” in condemning the expulsion of nine Bolivian officials on Wednesday.

The officials were detained in Chile after being accused of smuggling, theft and illegal possession of weapons. They are to be expelled from the country within the next 30 days.

Lashing out at Chile, Morales on Friday called the expulsion a “civil death” sentence and compared Chile’s actions with Israel’s in the Middle East, according to HispanTV.

“Chile is the Israel of South America: It imposes political walls, invisible and mental; Gives civil death to our 9 compatriots,” Morales wrote in his Twitter account.

Chile es el Israel de Sudamérica: impone muros políticos, invisibles y mentales; da muerte civil a nuestros 9 compatriotas #Los9SonInocentes

— Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) June 22, 2017

Morales was one of Israel’s fiercest critics during 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, when Bolivia declared Israel a “terrorist state.” The country also canceled a 30-year-old agreement enabling Israelis to visit Bolivia without visas.

In another message, Morales compared Chile’s government to that of US President Donald Trump.

“Trump sets up walls and discriminates against migrants looking for a better future; Chile sentenced to civil death those who pursue contraband,” he tweeted about the US leader.

Seven Bolivian customs officers and two military men were arrested in a border incident in Chile on March 19. The two countries, never friendly, have recently clashed over a maritime dispute that dates back to Chile’s seizure of coastline and territory in 1879.

Bolivia is demanding access to the Pacific Ocean, while Chile is demanding that Bolivia allow it to navigate the Silala River.

7. Tzipi Kaplan, daughter of Rabbi Kahane, passes away

by Eliran Aharon

Tzipi Kaplan, the daughter of the late Rabbi and MK Meir Kahane, founder of The Jewish Defense League and the Kach party who was assassinated in New York by an Arab gunman, passed away over Shabbat at the age of 56, after a long struggle with a serious medical condition and suffering a severe CVA over a week ago.

The funeral took place Saturday night at the Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem.

In 2014, at an event marking 24 years since the murder of Rabbi Kahane, Kaplan told Arutz Sheva that “the thing that most characterized him as a father was his concern for our education. He never tired of telling us how important it was for us to study Torah when we were young, to take in as much as we can learn, because it’s a treasure for your whole life.”

“There’s another thing he said many times – that it hurt him a lot that he wasn’t with us all the time. He really was, first and foremost, an educator. Everything he did was as an educator. We are very proud of his self-sacrifice. He had unique courage, the courage not to be afraid,” she had said.

8. WATCH: IDF retaliates for Syria spillover

by Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli Air Force attacked several Syrian National Defense Forces targets in the Syrian-controlled northern Golan Heights.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) said, “We do not intend to allow our sovereignty or security to be harmed, even by a war between the Syrian government and rebel forces.”

“We will respond with determination and force as we see fit, every time such an incident occurs.. We hold the Assad regime responsible for what happens in Syria. If such incidents continue, Assad’s regime will bear the consequences.”

The IAF attacks destroyed two of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s tanks, as well as an additional target which fired missiles into Israel.

According to Arab media reports, two Syrian National Defense Forces soldiers were killed when the Israeli Air Force struck their tanks.

The IAF attacks came in response to ten mortar shells which exploded on Saturday afternoon in an open area in the Golan Heights close to the Syrian border.

No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

The explosions came as thousands of Israelis and tourists hiked in the Golan Heights at the start of summer. No air raid siren was sounded, but the IDF advised both farmers and tourists to avoid the open areas near Emek Habakha “because of Syria’s internal conflicts in the area.”

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