Pamela Geller Report ->  Charlie Hebdo beheads UK PM Theresa May

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Pamela Geller Report ->  Charlie Hebdo beheads UK PM Theresa May


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Courtney Love Rips Linda Sarsour: “Vile Disgrace to Women and All Mankind”

Musician and alternative icon Courtney Love has blasted anti-Donald Trump Women’s March leader and Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, calling her a “vile disgrace to women and all mankind” in a message on social media Wednesday.

Charlie Hebdo beheads UK PM Theresa May

I find Charlie Hebdo’s swipe (no pun intended) a bit hollow for two reasons. Firstly, they attacked me after the Garland jihad attack in Garland Texas saying I was obsessed with Islam – when in fact I am obsessed with freedom. Would they have me submit to the sharia?

And secondly, after the Hebdo jihad attack the French magazine bowed to Islam and said the magazine would no longer draw Muhammad in cartoons.

Celebrate Israel Parade 2017 – Protests amidst the happiness

Am Israel chai!

Germany: Red Cross counselor stabbed to death by Muslim migrant

Ariana Grande and the rest of those clowns singing and dancing and giving the one-finger ISIS salute raised millions for the Red Cross, which assists these devout savages.

Notre Dame jihad attacker ‘was given EU award’

Perfect. Robert Spencer and I are banned from the UK, but devout mass murderers are given awards. It is one epic failure after another. I cannot imagine the unspeakable horror that would alter the suicidal course of these left-wing polices. Make no mistake, the left is the great enemy of freedom and human progress.

Dearborn imam who incited London jihadis to mass murder GOES MISSING

These imams are as guilty as the devout mass murderers they preach to. Ahmad Musa Jibril, the London Jihadi’s imam, has even made speeches to students in the US. Now he is at large in the USA.

Charlotte, North Carolina Democrats approve proclamation making June “Ramadan Month”

Should the proclamation prevail will these Democrat knaves designate at least one day for the thousands slaughtered in the cause of Ramadan?

EU’s sick “asylum policy”: Cui bono?

The EU’s absurd asylum policy has enormous human costs and also endangers American lives. Who benefits?

Security alert at US embassy: TWO controlled explosions have been carried out

It’s every day now. And still we are in denial mode.

UK: Nursery school worker attacked, stabbed by Muslima mob screaming ‘Allah will get you’

In light of this now constant Islamic terror and bloodshed, Brits head to the polls tomorrow to choose between a coward in denial (May) and an accomplice and terror supporter (Corbyn).

Sharia USA: Muslims outraged at truth about Muhammad ad in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Muslims are outraged by a billboard about Muhammad — they are not outraged that Muhammad actually did all those things — no, that’s righteous. They are outraged that someone would dare educate the non-believers (the kuffar). That’s the problem.

ISIS Attacks Iran: At least 12 dead in Parliament, Khomeini shrine shootings

Iran is getting a taste of its own medicine.

Pamela Geller WND EXCLUSIVE: Muslim migrant rapists of 5-year-old Idaho girl, get no jail time, JUDGE issues gag order on ‘sentencing’

Sharia law in Idaho. The three Muslim refugee boys who plead guilty in the heinous sexual attack of a five-year-old girl in Idaho were sentenced yesterday. No jail time. The judge barred everyone in the courtroom, including the victim’s own parents, from speaking about the case and threatened anyone with serious consequences if they violated his edict. Unheard of. I have the story.

Donald Trump Names New FBI Boss — Christopher Wray

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce his new pick for the FBI’s leading role — Christopher A. Wray.

ISIS Terrorists Wipe Out Religious Statues, Symbols at St. Mary’s Cathedral

ISIS terrorists tore up a Catholic church in the Philippines, tearing down the cross of Jesus and stomping religious statues.

MSNBC Host Wonders if There’s ‘Risk of Overreaction’ by Authorities Responding to London Terrorism

MSNBC anchor Richard Lui asked a law enforcement analyst guest Saturday if there was a risk of “overreaction” from authorities responding to terrorism during coverage of the attack in London.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS and VIDEO: Family of Pakistani sanitation worker who died because of Ramadan FALSELY ACCUSED of robbery

Now the Pakistani Center for Law and Justice (PCLJ) informs me that to add insult to injury, some of the hospital staff has filed a complaint at the police station of Umerkot against sixteen members of the family of the victim, Irfan Masih, claiming they carried out a robbery at the hospital.

VICTORY: Sears to pull ‘Free Palestine’ clothing from site amid complaints

Sears says it will remove a line of clothing featuring the slogan “Free Palestine” from its website.

ISIS Hits Iran Parliament, Shrine in Latest Ramadan Terror Attacks

ISIS has claimed responsibility for more terror attacks — in recognition of Ramadan, once again.

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