Pamela Geller Report -> LISTEN: Muslims react to London terror attacks with laughter and shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar!”

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Pamela Geller Report -> LISTEN: Muslims react to London terror attacks with laughter and shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar!”


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LISTEN: Muslims react to London terror attacks with laughter and shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar!”

You won’t read about this in the newspapers or hear about it on the BBC or CNN.

London Bridge Jihad Attacks: “Police were running away”

The British police were running away. This is a pattern. Remember how the British police ran away when Muslims held anti-semitic protests.

Ramadan Terror in London: “They were running and stabbing everyone” “For Allah!”

Ramadan killathon.

PHOTO: Suicide bomber on the ground, strapped with canisters #LondonBridge

BREAKING: Image has emerged showing suicide bomber on the ground, strapped with canisters. London Bridge Prime Minister Theresa May banned me from entering the country when I was scheduled to speak at a memorial for the young British father and soldier Lee Rigby who was beheaded by devout Muslims in broad daylight on a London street….

Saturday Night Cinema: The Real Glory

In light of the bloody Islamic war being waged in the Philippines, tonight’s Saturday Night feature is The Real Glory, a 1939 Samuel Goldwyn Productions action film starring quintessential American hero and Ayn Rand archetype Gary Cooper, David Niven and Andrea Leeds.

Eyewitness: Muslim Attackers Shouted “THIS IS FOR ALLAH” in FIVE LOCATIONS Terror Attacks in UK

Just move the teddy bears, candles and balloons from the Manchester arena to London, Borough market and Vauxhall. That’ll teach the jihad savages a thing or two.

London: Five terrorists with hunting knives “jump out of van and start slashing people’s throats”

Ramadan – holy month of jihad.


Police now responding to a THIRD Incident in Vaxhall. Both Vauxhall and Borough Market incidents are still live and ongoing.

Police: Second stabbings incident taking place at London’s Borough Market

‘We have armed police at the scene.”

London Bridge chaos as ‘several people mowed down’ by van … followed by knife attacks, THROATS SLASHED, “bodies strewn over the pavement”

Witness tells Reuters he saw three people with throats cut on London Bridge,comes after accounts of van ploughing into pedestrians…. Quran: strike them at their neck.

“Until disaster struck….”

Fascinating history of Spain, well, all of Europe, and the disastrous consequences of the rise of Islam.

It’s what children in our public schools should be taught under “World History” instead of dawah, the proselytizing for Islam.

#MAGA President Dumps Paris Climate Ruse: Elites Explode, Trump Shrugs

Outside of the Trump’s postponement of the US embassy move to Jerusalem, President Trump had an exceptional week.

The Paris Accord was garbage, not rocket science. And President Trump said so, like the little boy calling out the emperor and his new clothes.

Devout Muslim Toronto 18 Terrorist Says He Wants To Get Out Of Jail And Fight For ISIS

The leader of the notorious Toronto 18 terrorist group — who planned numerous terror attacks — won’t be getting parole.

He told a psychiatrist that he plans to join ISIS when he gets out of jail.

Imam at Virginia’s Dar al-Hijrah mosque endorses female genital mutilation

Without it, “hyper-sexuality takes over the entire society and a woman is not satisfied with one person or two or three,” said Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center Imam Shaker Elsayed in a May 19 talk, “Foundation of a Happy Family.” Only tip of a girl’s clitoris should be cut, he said, otherwise it creates “serious harm in the sexual life of the child when she grows up. And this is why the West thinks of alkhikah as sexual mutilation…”

Germany Thousands EVACUATED from rock festival following “concrete” terror threat

One of the biggest music festivals in Germany will go ahead it has been announced, hours after thousands of fans were evacuated following what police described as a ‘concrete’ terror threat.

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