Pamela Geller Report ->  Muslim “Asylum Seekers” Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls

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Pamela Geller Report ->  Muslim “Asylum Seekers” Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls


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Muslim “Asylum Seekers” Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls

To the victor, the spoils.

London Bridge jihad mass murderer applied for a SECURITY job at Wimbledon, suspected plot to blow up Wimbledon

It’s just a matter of time.

TV film on migrant Muslims’ hate of Europe’s Jews axed

Imagine if any group — any group — harbored this hate for Muslims: there would be whole networks and newspapers dedicated to it. Films, TV programs, miniseries, New York Times special sections. The vicious poisonous Jew-hatred in Islam is scrubbed, censored or excused under the guise of Palestinianism. While the enemedia toils ceaselessly to spin takes of “anti-Muslim hate crime.” Liars.

Videos and Photos: Linda Sarsour Pro-Freedom Protest Outside Apollo Theatre

CUNY has an agenda: to make SHARIA law acceptable to the masses. Therefore Linda Sarsour, self-proclaimed sharia-loving “feminist,” HAD TO remain their keynote speaker.

Muslim councilman blasts Jewish youth delegation as ‘murderers,’ ‘terrorists’

The West is being subsumed by this evil.. Abdoe Khoulani, a Muslim city council member in The Hague, slammed a group of Israeli high school students visiting the Dutch parliament, calling them “future Zionist terrorists, occupiers and those who murder children.”

36-year-old Christian asylum seeker dies from neglect in Thailand’s brutal IDC

A 36 year old Pakistani Christian asylum seeker died while in the custody of Thailand’s Immigration Department for overstaying his visiting visa.

Muslim doctors’ refusal to treat ‘filthy Christian’ during Ramadan leads to death

A Pakistani Christian sewerage cleaner died after three doctors refused to treat him until his sludge-covered body had been washed.

Video of London Bridge Terror trio in Ilford makes gym and Muslim prayer centre in Ilford central focus of Police raids

Chaos erupted in Ilford  on 8th June 2017 as two roads became the site of  police raids as part of the investigation into the London Bridge terror attack.  A suspect home at 6 Wingate Road Ilford was cordoned of with Police tape and a manned police vehicle was stationary on the drive of the property….

Pakistani Embassy official in Bangkok taped while sexually harassing and ‘attempting to drug’ vulnerable young Christian asylum seeker

A Pakistan embassy worker in Thailand known only as Ayaz is being accused of using his position to try and get sexual favors from a Pakistani asylum-seeking woman named Maherwar Ishaq in exchange for a much-needed renewal of her passport that expired last March.

Sharia UK: Two Brits arrested over video of Qur’an burning

The UK is in the throes of a war, a very real war against their citizens, their country, their Queen. And their obsession is with protecting their ideology of the invading army.

This is the act of the conquered.

UK Police Chief: Diversity more important than lives lost

The commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police has said that the range of nationalities of the victims of last week’s terror attack on London Bridge “proudly showcases the diverse cultural makeup of the city.” So now diversity is more important than lives? And where is the diversity, really? It was all non-Muslims who were brutally slaughtered, which was very much the point, was it not?

“I helped 200 people hide in a pub cellar”: London Bridge attack, “It was like a war zone”

One of the first police officers on the scene of the London Bridge attack has told how he helped 200 people hide from danger in a pub cellar.

Channeling Oskar Schindler.

It’s all so very much like Nazi ideology, but the difference is the Brits are welcoming the savages this time.

London jihad terror survivor relives moment Muslim slashed her throat: ‘THIS IS FOR ALLAH, stop living this life’

Following the example of Muhammad. “This is for Allah, stop living this life” — words spoken to jihad victim as her throat was cut. She lived to tell the tale; we owe it to her to listen.

Muslim Colonists Are Riding Magic Carpet of Arab Oil Money Into Europe

A huge new danger for the future of Europe and the modern civilization of the West is emerging along the old Bosnian War battlegrounds in the fractured former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Robert Spencer: Murder at the Bridge, Bacon at the Mosque

This is what the British police are concerned about in the wake of the jihad massacres in Manchester and London: bacon.

The State of Play, Fifty Years On, In The Middle East

In fact, the war against Israel is not, and never was, a war over this or that sliver or slice of territory but, rather, a classic Jihad, which has no end until the Infidel state of Israel ceases to exist.

Sharia UK: Security stepped up at Cambridge mosques after early morning bacon “hate crime”

Police are increasing patrols at two mosques in Cambridge after strips of bacon were today (June 8) left on the car windscreens to insult fasting Muslims.

Indoctrination: London PRIMARY SCHOOL teaches children “facts” about Islam after London Bridge jihad massacre

A PRIMARY school will teach children about Islam so they can “learn the facts” following the London Bridge terror attack.

Saudi ad censors woman, replaces her with inflatable ball

An ad by a Saudi company replacing a woman in a swimming pool with an inflatable ball has caused uproar on social media.

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