Rush Limbaugh -> 22 million people just escape prison, now we are going to call them homeless?

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RUSH: Now the Obamacare replacement bill in the Senate. Many questions about this bill, among them, does Mitch McConnell really want this thing to pass? Does the Republican Party really want to go there? It’s an open question. People have not quite figured out the answer.

The CBO score came in yesterday. Anybody that thinks this is a nonpartisan organization needs to quickly rethink your orientation. I mean, for crying out loud, two numbers here. The CBO score of the Senate health care bill said yesterday that 22 million people would lose their health insurance. Twenty-two million would lose their insurance.

And, of course, the response to this has been predictable. This is akin to saying that a thousand prisoners who escape are now homeless. Do you think the prisoners care? They just got out of prison, they just escaped but we’re gonna call ’em homeless because they’re not in prison anymore. In the case of 22 million people losing their health insurance, you cannot forget the context. Obamacare forces, it compels, it mandates that people buy insurance or else, just like Obama told Putin, “You better stop it or else.” Well, we’ve been told you better buy health insurance or else.

Now, for a lot of people it’s insurance that they can’t afford. Not only can they not afford to buy it, they can’t afford to use it because the deductibles are so high. So what good is it? If 22 million people had health insurance that’s out of reach and yet they’ve been forced to buy it, what good is it? If people, therefore, under the Senate bill are no longer forced to pay for insurance that they don’t need, or if they’re no longer forced to buy insurance they can’t afford, they will escape.

A thousand prisoners escape prison, we call ’em homeless. Twenty-two million people escape the evil, punitive clutches of Obamacare, and we call them dead? Who is to say that some of these 22 million will not buy affordable insurance when that becomes an option? Aetna, one of the Obamacare insurers, has said that the Senate bill will motivate them to ratchet up their individual market. Well, hell’s bells, Mabel, that’s exactly what the agenda needs.

The individual market in the private sector needs to be ramped up, market forces involved making it affordable. So if people flee — if they’re allowed, if they are allowed to escape the evil clutches of Obamacare which they can’t afford to buy and can’t afford to use and end up having more affordable options — this what the CBO doesn’t do. They just give you static, raw numbers and leave it to the Drive-Bys for the worst interpretation possible. Whereas I, El Rushbo, come along and can tell you how this could actually end up being a very, very up positive. It could be.

The fact is that nobody knows. But where we are is with people on the left, if government isn’t doing it, it isn’t being done, and if government isn’t doing it, it isn’t being done well. And of course that’s the exact opposite of word. If government is doing you can make bank on the fact it’s inefficient. If government is doing it you can make bank on the fact that it isn’t gonna work. And if government is doing it you can make bank on the fact that there are no cost controls involved and therefore there’s nothing relevant to people’s ability to afford something if the government’s involved.

And yet people think the only way we can make progress is if the government’s involved. It’s cockeyed, it’s cockamamie, it’s 180 degrees out of phase. Who is to say that people will not buy affordable insurance when that becomes an option? If the 30-hour workweek is eliminated, stop and think of this. How many people were working full time and were converted to part time by their evil bosses because their evil bosses wanted to escape the evil clutches of Obamacare?

So now Obamacare’s repealed and this 30-day workweek and all of this rigmarole is gone, so people now are able to once again gets jobs that are full time, not part time, and if that avails them the opportunity to purchase individual health insurance in an individual market that’s more in line with private sector market forces, why would that be bad? If the 30-hour workweek is eliminated, which it will be, more can be earned and insurance can be afforded, not just to purchase, but to use it!

Nobody talks about that aspect of Obamacare. It’s out of the price range of most people, which is why they need subsidies. But even after that it becomes too expensive to use, what with the deductible. Now, if we get tax cuts passed down the road — hint, hint — there will be even more jobs so people can afford insurance. So this number of 22 million people uninsured, you want to bet, you want to bet that wouldn’t be the case? I’ll bet against the CBO any day of the week on this program, I don’t care what they’re scoring, I will bet against them.

I watched something atrocious on TV today. I watched it before the show began. John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, looked to me like he was moderating a session of the nation’s governors at the National Press Club, who were whining and moaning and complaining about the Senate health care bill, and then, by extension, the Republican health care bill. By extension, the repeal Obamacare, replace Obamacare bill.

And I happened to see only one governor up there with Kasich. He was standing off to the side, though you could see him inching closer to the microphone, he wanted to get back up there, John Hickenlooper, who is the Democrat governor of Colorado. And Hickenlooper was talking about what would happen if the Republican bill in the Senate passed. And he actually said that in his state 187,000 people would die. Where does this stuff come from? Why does it go unchallenged? 187,000 people will die. Why did nobody besides us talk about the number of people who would die under Obamacare at the direction of the death panels?

The death panels were gonna ensure death. Obamacare counted on it! Obamacare counted on the old getting sick and not being treated because they wanted to treat the young and the healthy who didn’t need treatment because they’re young and healthy. But they wanted to focus on people who had many more years ahead of them than people who had very few years ahead of them, and that’s what the death panels were all about. That’s where all of the redistribution would take place, and that’s where all of the — what’s the word I’m looking for? — ah, it’s a simple word. I’m having a mental block on it. It wasn’t gonna be universal coverage.

And now we got Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett’s right on schedule. “You know, the only solution to this is single payer.” Warren Buffett, that’s it, the only solution we have now single payer. Right on schedule. So here’s how these scare headlines work: 187,000 Coloradans die if the Senate bill passes, quote, Governor John Hickenlooper. Twenty-two million lose health insurance, 1,000 prisoners escape Shawshank are now homeless.

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