The Skimm -> “7%” – The amount of Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Classic moo-sunderstanding.

The Skimm -> “7%” – The amount of Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Classic moo-sunderstanding.


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“7%” – The amount of Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Classic moo-sunderstanding.

The Story

Today, President Trump plans to press the rewind button on US-Cuba relations.

Wait…back up.

For decades since the Cold War, the US and Cuba weren’t on speaking terms. Because communism. In 2014, then-President Obama said ‘time for a change’ and re-established diplomatic relations with the island, making it easier to travel to Cuba and do biz there. The ‘Havana a good time’ camp says opening up relations eases tensions in the region and is the first step toward helping spur development on the island. But the ‘not Havana a good time camp’ – including Trump – says the US shouldn’t help fund a regime that’s long been accused of human rights abuses (think: jailing political opponents and cracking down on free speech).

So now what?

Trump’s in Miami today to roll back some of Obama’s Cuba policies. This is something he promised to do on the campaign trail. He’s expected to ban most US business deals with companies controlled by the Cuban military (psst: those make up more than half of Cuba’s economy). And his announcement would also make it harder to get a Cuba stamp in your passport.


Trump has spent his first months in office unraveling a lot of Obama’s legacy. And now he’s got his eye on doing it with one of Obama’s signature foreign policy decisions.


What to say when you’ve been stuck on the highway for hours…

Deadlocked. Just like Cliff Huxtable’s jury. Yesterday – after days of discussion – Bill Cosby’s jury said they can’t reach a verdict that everyone agrees on. Over the years, multiple women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. In 2014, comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby out for it. Cue that New York Magazine cover and dozens of women saying Cosby sexually abused them back in the ’70s and ’80s. One 2004 case was within the statute of limitations and could be prosecuted. In the case, Cosby allegedly gave a woman pills and then sexually assaulted her in his home in Pennsylvania. She says she was “frozen” and couldn’t fight him off. Cosby says he just gave her some Benadryl and their encounter was consensual. Cosby was charged with things like aggravated indecent assault. Last week, the trial kicked off and Cosby didn’t testify. He faces up to 30 years in prison. But the jury can’t decide whether he’s guilty and it’s unclear what they’re hung up on. Yesterday, the judge told them to get back together and try again. Stay tuned.

What people are talking about…

Otto Warmbier. Yesterday, doctors said the recently released North Korean prisoner has suffered major brain damage. Warmbier is the University of Virginia student who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea last year for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster. NK said that shortly after Warmbier was sentenced, he got botulism – a potentially deadly illness you can get from eating contaminated food. And that he was then given a sleeping pill, which pushed him into a coma. Fast forward to earlier this week and Warmbier was medically evacuated out of the country to come back home to Ohio. Doctors there say there is no evidence that Warmbier suffered from botulism. And that he has severe brain tissue loss while showing no signs of understanding language. For decades, NK has been detaining American citizens, accusing them of things like trying to undermine the gov. But the country usually stopped short of physically abusing them. Some say this is because the country tries to keep American prisoners relatively healthy in order to use them as bargaining chips when negotiating with the West. It’s unclear what exactly happened to Warmbier in prison. And doctors won’t say whether they think his condition will improve.

What to say when you see your co-worker applying for other jobs at her desk…

Caught. Yesterday, the FBI said they’ve arrested Lyle Jeffs – the leader of a radical polygamous off-shoot of the Mormon Church. Jeffs has been on the run for a year. In 2011, he took over this sect after his brother was sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting his underage wives. Then last year, there was a plot twist: Jeffs was charged for allegedly running a food stamp fraud scheme. He was on house arrest while waiting for his trial to start. But apparently he had other ideas. Last summer, he disappeared and has been MIA ever since. The FBI said he might’ve used olive oil to get his GPS tracker off. As one does. His lawyer said he might’ve just “experienced the miracle of rapture.” Earlier this week, authorities finally found him in South Dakota, where he’d been living out of his car. Miracle, not granted.

What to say to your friend who keeps talking about breaking up with her BF…

Just do it. Yesterday, Nike announced it’s going to cut about 1,400 jobs. In recent months, the company’s sales have been running out of steam. That’s because more people are shopping by clicking ‘add to cart.’ And because other brands like Adidas have been kicking up their game. So now Nike’s saying goodbye to some employees, and focusing on cities that could be big money-makers for the brand. Meanwhile, Nestle’s not feeling so sweet. Yesterday, it came out that the company may sell its US candy biz, which makes things like Raisinets, Butterfinger, and Crunch. Because ICYMI people are trying to cut back on sugar and eat more kale. So Nestle’s trying to give the people what they claim they want. Life is like a box of organic, unsweetened chocolates.

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