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Make No Excuses
Make No Excuses

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“Shut that crap off” – Bette Midler to the music that tried to play her off as she was giving her Tonys speech for best actress in a musical. Nobody puts Bette in a corner.


The Story

Yesterday, Puerto Ricans voted ‘yes’ to becoming the 51st US state.

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Puerto Rico is a US territory. Meaning its relationship with Uncle Sam is complicated. Puerto Ricans are US citizens, but they don’t pay certain federal taxes, and they can’t vote in US presidential elections. Or get as much federal money as states for programs like Medicaid. Now, thanks in part to a shift in US corporate tax policy over a decade ago, Puerto Rico is more than $70 billion in debt. Last month, the Island filed for bankruptcy. Voters in the ‘yes’ camp say they’re tired of being half-in, and half-out of the US and that statehood would funnel more federal money to the island and help revive its economy. But Congress has to sign off to make it official.


Next, Puerto Rico’s governor will send a squad of lawmakers to Washington to pressure Congress to take up the issue. But many are skeptical that the US gov will accept Puerto Rico as a state, and take more responsibility for the island’s economic crisis.


The Story

It looks like French President Emmanuel Macron’s party is going to win big in the country’s parliamentary election.

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Last month, France elected Macron, a political newcomer who just founded his party last year. He beat out far-right candidate Marine Le Pen by promising to keep France in the EU, and push major overhauls to things like retirement programs and labor laws. But since his party’s such a newbie, it was unclear whether he’d have the backing in Parliament to push through his agenda. Now, it’s looking like ‘oui.’

Anything else?

British Prime Minister Theresa May is jealous. Last week, her party failed to win a majority in the UK’s parliamentary election. Now, she needs to get smaller parties to play for her team in order to stay in power. But the question is whether May still has enough support in her own party to keep the PM job, since she moved up this election – by three years – to boost her party’s majority.


This was just round one of the French election. Candidates who didn’t win a seat outright go into a runoff in round two next weekend. Macron’s party is still expected to come out on top.


What to say to your co-worker who wants the Warriors to win the NBA finals tonight

The Pittsburgh Penguins know that winning feeling. Last night, they beat the Nashville Predators 2-0 to take home the Stanley Cup. For the second year in a row, and the franchise’s fifth time. Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal iced out Stan Wawrinka to win the French Open. For the tenth time. The last time no. 2 seed Nadal won the tournament in 2014, he set the record for the most French Open trophies. Yesterday, he was just showing off. And on the ladies court, Jelena Ostanpenko beat out no. 3 Simona Halep to pick up her first ever Grand Slam trophy. Ace.

What to say to your friend who was in all the shows in college…

Hello Tonys. Last night, Broadway had its big night out. “Dear Evan Hansen” stole the show with the most awards of the night, including best musical and best actor for the guy from “Pitch Perfect.” “Oslo” is the best play in town. In case there was any question, Bette Midler’s still got it. So does Kevin Spacey.

What people are watching…

Somalia. Yesterday, the US military said it killed about eight militants in an airstrike against an al Qaeda-connected terrorist group there. This is the first airstrike against the group since President Trump changed up some military rules earlier this year. Normally, the US military is only allowed to use airstrikes in areas considered active war zones. And in Somalia, the military could only use airstrikes for self-defense. Then Trump signed off on a plan that designates parts of Somalia as active war zones in order to allow the military to crack down on this terrorist group. Meanwhile, the US military is also helping the Philippines in its fight against terrorism. Last month, an ISIS-linked group there took over the southern city of Marawi. President Duterte put the entire region under martial law, which lets the military to search and arrest people without warrants. Ever since, the military has been trying – and failing – to take Marawi back. So now the US is giving the Philippines an assist. This is raising juuust a few eyebrows because ever since Duterte was voted in last year, he’s been throwing shade on the US and been accused of human rights abuses. But in this case, the fight against ISIS seems to trump those worries.

What to say when your boss calls you in for ‘a talk’…

Not good. Yesterday, Uber’s board met up to discuss two things: 1. Whether CEO Travis Kalanick should take a leave of absence and 2. what to do with the findings of investigations into Uber’s work culture. Earlier this year, a former Uber engineer wrote a blog post explaining that she left the company because HR allegedly ignored her complaints of sexual harassment and sexism. It went viral. And since the post was just one of several PR disasters this year for the company (see this, this, and this), Uber quickly went into damage control mode. It launched multiple investigations – including one led by former Attorney General Eric Holder. Last week, after reviewing the findings of one of those investigations, Uber announced that it had fired about 20 employees, including execs. Now, after interviewing hundreds of employees, Holder’s investigation results are in. His report allegedly proposes major shake-ups to HR and senior management. Yesterday, the board put its voting hats on to decide whether to accept the findings of that report – and whether Kalanick needs to take the bench. Stay tuned.

What to say after a day at the Pride parade

Thinking of the LGBTQ community now more than ever. Today is the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that killed 49 people.

Job Ninja

You, stealthily trying to get that perfect job at that perfect company while still stuck at your 9-to-5. Start here, then check in on where your friends of friends are these days. Your college roommate’s best friend’s cousin might be hiring. Time to show your chops.

Skimm HQ wants you to stay up on the issues driving the national conversation in 2017. That means healthcare. You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here’s one…

How’s ‘Murica doing healthcare-wise compared to the rest of the world?

Not so great. Bad news: the US has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. More bad news: it also has some of the worst health care in the developed world. Stacked up against Canada, the UK, plus European and Scandinavian countries, the US comes last. That’s in terms of the quality of care, access to doctors, outcomes. Bitter pill.

You want to live a smarter, healthier life. That means remembering to book your doctor’s appointments. We’ve got you covered. Get our iPhone app here.

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