The Skimm -> Yesterday, a federal contractor was charged for allegedly leaking top secret information to a news outlet.

The Skimm -> Yesterday, a federal contractor was charged for allegedly leaking top secret information to a news outlet.

Make No Excuses
Make No Excuses

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“Send a naked mole rat” – A Canadian group’s suggestion for how to respond to sexting requests. Nude-ing to see here.

The Story

Yesterday, a federal contractor was charged for allegedly leaking top secret information to a news outlet.

What happened?

Her name is Reality Winner. Yes, really. The Justice Department says the NSA contractor mailed classified gov docs to The Intercept, which published a story about them yesterday. The feds started looking into it after a reporter reached out for comment. They say they have evidence that Winner emailed The Intercept and printed out the classified material.

What do the docs say?

That – days before the presidential election – Russian hackers tried to break into at least one US voting software supplier. Despite this report, US intelligence officials still say that Russia’s interference in the election didn’t impact the results.


There have been a lot of leaks so far in this administration, and President Trump has promised a crackdown. This is the first major leak arrest since he took office. It also comes days before former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify before Congress on the Russia investigation.


What to say when your friend has to explain the punchline of her joke…

Time to move on. Yesterday, J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler handed in his two weeks after more than a decade on the job. He’ll stay on as chairman of the company. Drexler led the J.Crew ship when neon colors and preppy sweaters were all the rage. But in recent years the brand started losing its shine. Sales have been dipping low because now people prefer digital carts to real ones. And because they’re looking to buy pencil skirts that don’t cost $200. The musical chairs comes just weeks after Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s former creative director, announced she’s packing her thick-rimmed glasses after more than two decades at the company. James Brett, current president of West Elm, will take Drexler’s place. One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.

What to say when you’re about to leave and your boss says ‘one more thing’…

Not done yet. Yesterday, President Trump continued to criticize London Mayor Sadiq Khan for how he has responded to last weekend’s terrorist attack in the city. Seven people were killed and dozens were injured. First, Trump took issue with Khan telling Londoners there was “no reason to be alarmed.” Trump said Khan was downplaying how serious the situation was. Khan’s team pointed out that his quote was taken out of context – the full statement was telling people not to be worried by increased police presence in the city. Then yesterday, Trump went in for round two, saying Khan’s defense was a “pathetic excuse.” UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May said Khan is doing a good job and “it’s wrong to say anything else.” Side bar: it’s unusual for a US president to criticize the UK, especially during a moment of crisis. This comes at a time when the Trump administration is trying to move forward with several major policy proposals, including a revamp of US infrastructure. This isn’t helping.

What to say to your tech friend who posted a selfie from WWDC…

It’s baaaack. Yesterday, Apple had it’s annual big day out. The iPad, Macbook, and iMac are getting upgrades. Amazon Prime can sit with Apple TV. But Apple’s taking on Amazon Echo. Apple Pay wants to be the new Venmo. And now the Apple Watch will know if you have a sweet tooth.

What to say to your little cousin who just got in off the wait list…

Heard about this? In the last few days, it came out that Harvard has said ‘nvm you can’t go here’ to at least 10 incoming freshmen because of things they posted on Facebook. Last year, a group of students that connected through Harvard’s Class of 2021 Facebook group created a separate private message thread. They called it “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.” Yes. And then shared memes including ones making fun of sexual assault, the Holocaust, and ethnic groups. Earlier this year, university authorities found out about it. And said ‘you are the weakest links, goodbye.’

Last year, we launched our No Excuses campaign to make it easier for you to be informed about the 2016 election. And 110,000 of you registered to vote. This year, No Excuses is turning to the issues driving the national conversation in 2017. We started with immigration. Next up: healthcare.

So…drumroll…meet No Excuses: Healthcare. We’re doing this now because when President Trump took office, he made it clear that he wanted to move quickly to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with something better. Right now, Congress is working out the details. Whatever ultimately happens will affect you and your choices. So for the next few weeks, come here to get read-in on healthcare – from start to finish.

PS: You can get a head start by checking out our new No Excuses site.

Make No Excuses
What to say to your friend who always suggests “The Notebook”…

Give her this. “The Light We Lost” by Jill Santopolo is about two people who meet under strange circumstances. And keep running into each other over the years. Get into it here.*

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