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America First

Dear Friends,

Last night was a tough night for the Nashville Predators at Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, but I know they will make us proud on Sunday!  

I just finished up talking with Brent Carl on Talk Radio Cookeville, and before I head off to my next meeting I wanted to share with you a couple quick highlights from my week in Washington: 

America First
The poorly negotiated Paris Climate Accord would cost Americans—the world leaders in energy policy—millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in economic output over the next several decades. We’re long overdue for an America-first energy policy that will strengthen our security and grow our vibrant energy economy, and I am pleased that President Trump showed true leadership and rejected this bad deal. A growing economy is best achieved through the power of free enterprise, and every day I amthankful for a President who puts American jobs, American consumers, American energy, and American industry first.

No More Bailouts
Taxpayers shouldn’t have to bail-out big banks with their hard earned dollars. For that reason, the House passed the Financial CHOICE Act to repeal Dodd-Frank—a massive regulatory burden the Obama Administration placed on our economy. Our legislation will end taxpayer-funded bailouts once and for all. By eliminating onerous Washington regulations, we are unleashing opportunity for small business owners, job creators, and innovators in middle Tennessee to run their businesses without the heavy hand of the federal government telling them what to do. 

I Stand With President Trump
I am heartbroken to hear about tragedy unfolding, almost daily, in the neighborhoods of our European allies at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. As we continue to watch these events unfold, it is more important than ever that the American people trust those who are tasked with keeping our nation safe.

After failed leadership raised questions regarding the integrity of our nation’s most trusted institution, I stand by President Trump’s decision to terminate FBI Director Comey. We must focus on restoring the American people’s trust in the FBI, and I look forward to working with the new director to ensure they have the leadership and resources to do just that. Read my full statement backing up President Trump HERE.

Victory For Religious Freedom
Obamacare devastated religious organizations, schools, and businesses by forcing them to cover abortion-related services that violate their religious beliefs. This week, we saw a draft Health and Human Services (HHS) regulation that, if finalized, would exempt organizations from the requirement to pay for services that violate their moral or religious beliefs, like in the case of theLittle Sisters of the Poor.

Protecting religious liberty is a foundational principle of this country, and bureaucrats in Washington have no place attempting to regulate the conscience of the American people. I’m working with the Trump Administration to roll back these Obama-era regulations, and I’m leading a letter with my pro-life colleagues in Congress to HHS Secretary Price urging him to publish this proposed regulation immediately. You can check out my full statement HERE.


Diane Black
Member of Congress

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