US Senator Rand Paul -> Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement 

US Senator Rand Paul -> Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement 


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It’s been a busy week on Capitol Hill!  Below, you can find on an update on my latest activities.

Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement 

I have long been an outspoken critic of the Paris Agreement, which threatened American sovereignty and could have had a devastating impact on our workers.

Last week, I released the following statement praising President Trump’s decision to withdraw our nation from it:

“I am pleased that President Trump has followed through on his promise to exit the Paris Agreement, an agreement which experts believe will not actually solve the environmental issues it was intended to address, and continued to put forth a truly America First energy policy.

“I have always been committed to protecting Kentucky jobs and ensuring the deals we’re signing up for are good for all Americans, and look forward to continuing to support a path forward that protects both our jobs and our environment instead of sacrificing one for the other.”

In 2015, I introduced a resolution that would have required the Paris Agreement to be considered a treaty needing the Senate’s advice and consent, and, before the President’s decision, I introduced another resolution, S. Con. Res. 17, calling for American withdrawal.  You can read my latest resolution HERE.

I am honored to have the Kentucky Coal Association’s support of S. Con. Res. 17!

In a Hazard Herald op-ed released the day President Trump made his announcement, I said it “is a continuation of the good news for coal country coming from his administration.”

You can read the rest of this piece HERE.

Dr. Rand Paul: “We should repeal Obamacare like Republicans promised, not just ‘fix’ it.”

In my latest op-ed for Rare on Tuesday, I urged the Republican Party to honor its promise to voters to repeal Obamacare, and I described how legalizing nationwide buying groups can bring immediate reform.

“Republicans, like Democrats, allow the muck of Washington’s status quo to cloud their judgment,” I stated.

“Republicans get trapped into believing the federal government must ‘fix’ the insurance markets instead of championing the proposition that free minds and free markets are the surest path to supplying the most goods to the most people.”

You can read the rest HERE.

Dr. Rand Paul: Bill of Rights Should Protect Americans Returning From Overseas Travel

The U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee met Tuesday to hear from Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly about the department’s 2018 budget request.

I used the opportunity to follow up with Secretary Kelly about our government searching American citizens’ phones and laptops at the border without probable cause or suspicion of wrongdoing.  These Americans are even threatened with seizure of their devices or detention if they refuse to turn over their devices for inspection!

I pressed the Secretary, who now acknowledges these searches are happening, on making more information public and answering questions I posed to him in April, and I reiterated my opposition to this clear denial of American citizens’ rights.

We should never have to surrender our liberties just to travel!

That’s why I have joined a bipartisan group in introducing the Protecting Data at the Border Act to eliminate the so-called “border search exception” the government claims allows it to invade Americans’ privacy.

You can read the full bill HERE, and you can find a one-page summary HERE.

(Dr. Paul Questions Sec. Kelly at HSGAC Hearing – June 6, 2017)

Dr. Rand Paul Celebrates Hemp History Week

On Wednesday, I joined a bipartisan group of senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to introduce a resolution designating June 5-9 as “Hemp History Week.”

Yesterday, our resolution passed the Senate!

I am proud to be a strong advocate for the deregulation of industrial hemp, and I will continue working to remove the federal government’s restraints on this historically vital crop.

Allowing farmers in Kentucky and throughout our nation to cultivate industrial hemp and benefit from its many uses will grow our economy and bring new jobs to the agriculture industry.

Dr. Rand Paul Reintroduces the Harbor Equity Act

On Wednesday, I reintroduced the Harbor Equity Act, which modifies the existing criteria used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge smaller harbors.

Currently, the Corps prioritizes dredging solely for larger harbors that see 1 million or more tons in traffic per year – often forcing small community harbors to fund their own dredging or be forced to shut down operations.

This legislation drops the minimum tonnage requirements to 500,000 tons, prioritizing smaller harbors for dredging.

Maintaining America’s robust inland waterway system means properly caring for harbors of all sizes, as the system’s interconnectedness requires dredging smaller connecting harbors to ensure goods are efficiently transported.

These smaller ports are the backbone of local commerce in communities along our waterways.  My bill will ensure they are considered for the Corps’ dredging efforts and help protect them from facing potentially devastating shutdowns.

You can read S. 1298, the Harbor Equity Act, HERE.

Dr. Rand Paul Reintroduces the Sixth Amendment Preservation Act 

Giving the accused their day in court isn’t a suggestion.  It’s enshrined in our Constitution as a cornerstone of our judicial system. 

Section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act unconstitutionally declares that the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force allows our Armed Forces to indefinitely detain citizens, legal residents, and foreign nationals who are alleged to have engaged in hostilities against the United States.  This means U.S. citizens apprehended within the boundaries of the U.S. could be held indefinitely without trial. 

So this week, I reintroduced S. 1300, the Sixth Amendment Preservation Act, to repeal Section 1021 and reassert the constitutional guarantee of a speedy trial in all prosecutions.

This legislation would prevent any future authorization of military force from being used to justify indefinitely detaining any person in America without trial, and it would remind our government that the Founders did not put an expiration date on the Sixth Amendment.

Dr. Rand Paul Meets with Kentuckians

On Tuesday, I visited with Brandon Pruitt, Ellen Linder, and Hannah Chaney, who have received the National Security Education Program’s Boren Scholarship and will have the opportunity to travel to study foreign cultures and languages.

I started my Wednesday meetings by visiting with AARP Kentucky State President Charlotte Whittaker and State Director Ron Bridges to discuss topics including health care reform.

(Dr. Paul with Boren Scholar Brandon Pruitt and AARP KY Reps. – June 6-7, 2017)

Greg Curlin, Director of the Hickman-Fulton County Riverport Authority, Mary Anne Medlock, Special Projects Coordinator for the Purchase Area Development District, and Kent Waide, President of the Ruby Concrete Company, stopped by on behalf of the Delta Leadership Institute.  We covered topics including Delta Regional Authority funding and the projects it supports in Western Kentucky.

I also talked with Jeff Pettit, Region 1 Vice President for the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, about free trade, agricultural labor, the 2018 Farm Bill, improving the Endangered Species Act, and tax reform.

(Dr. Paul with the Delta Leadership Institute and Jeff Pettit – June 7, 2017)

On Thursday, I enjoyed meeting with Burger King franchise owners, including Georgetown’s Bill Keller and Mayfield’s Kevin Newell, to discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act and strengthening our health care system.

(Dr. Paul with Burger King Franchise Owners – June 8, 2017)

Dr. Rand Paul: Government Finding A New Place to Waste Taxpayer Money

Not only is the Bureau of Indian Affairs seeking to roll the dice with up to $500,000 of taxpayer funds to build a parking lot for the Golden Eagle Casino, but my latest Waste Report reveals that the Bureau may not even be abiding by its own regulations to do so.

You can get the full story on why this project seems like a bad bet for the American people’s money HERE.

Media Wrap-Up 

This week, I appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends and America’s Newsroom, and I spoke on radio with EKB’s Shelby Steele and WHAS’ Leland Conway, as well as Sean Hannity, Buck Sexton, Laura Ingraham, and John Gibson.

I was also interviewed by outlets including Reason, Rare, and Conservative Review.

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