US Senator Rand Paul -> Slaughter at congressional baseball game practice.  

Rand Paul @ Hoax and Change
Try it you will like it

US Senator Rand Paul -> Slaughter at congressional baseball game practice.  

Rand Paul @ Hoax and Change

Rand Paul @ Hoax and Change

Rand Paul
Dear Friend
I want to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts, including their many calls and notes, after this week’s incident at our congressional baseball game practice.

We continue to pray for a full and speedy recovery for the wounded, and I can’t thank the Capitol Police enough for their bravery and heroism that made all the difference and saved dozens of lives.

Below, you can find an update on my latest activities!

Dr. Rand Paul Participates in the Congressional Baseball Game

After this week’s attack, the area united in historic, bipartisan fashion on Thursday night for the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, an event that dates all the way back to 1909.

This year, the game attracted record attendance (over 20,000!) and raised over $1 million for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, the Washington Literacy Center, and the Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

Even though the Democrats won the game, it was a tremendous evening!

(Dr. Paul Practices with Sean Hannity Before the Congressional Baseball Game – June 15, 2017)

Dr. Rand Paul Forces U.S. Senate to Vote on Arms Sale 

In May, Senator Chris Murphy joined me in introducing S. J. Res. 42, a joint resolution of disapproval to block a portion of new weapons sales to Saudi Arabia that would support its military campaign in Yemen.

The sale is part of a broader arms agreement that permits the U.S. to make up to $350 billion in defense equipment sales and training commitments to Saudi Arabia over 10 years.

Thanks to rules under the Arms Export Control Act of 1976, I was guaranteed a vote in the Senate, which also meant debate time to challenge the status quo and make sure Congress was fully aware of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and history of promoting hatred of America.

Ultimately, forty-seven senators voted to halt a sale that could deepen the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, while fifty-three senators voted to provide the arms to Saudi Arabia.

I was proud to see such a large, bipartisan group of senators take a stand against the escalating war Saudi Arabia is waging with Yemen.  Our momentum for stopping these arms sales is growing, and we will continue to take a stand against waging an undeclared war and fueling an arms race in the Middle East.

I applaud those who voted with me to block this proposed arms sale, and I hope this sends a clear message to Saudi Arabia that the United States will not just stand by as they massacre their unarmed neighbors.

You can read the joint resolution of disapproval HERE, and you can watch my floor speech HERE.

(Dr. Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor – June 13, 2017)

Dr. Rand Paul Kicks Off Summer Intern Lecture Series 

Each summer, I partner with The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) to present a Capitol Hill lecture series that gives interns the opportunity to learn more about today’s issues from a free market, liberty-based perspective.

Hearing directly from our speakers will help equip the next generation with the knowledge to defend and spread the freedom message.

I kicked off this year’s series by laying out why I oppose selling more arms to Saudi Arabia, and I also took questions from attendees.  It was great to see such a packed house for our first session!

(Dr. Paul Gives First Lecture of Summer 2017 Series – June 13, 2017)

Dr. Rand Paul Joins Senators in Reintroducing the CARERS Act 

For far too long, the federal government has enforced unnecessary laws that have restricted the medical community’s ability to determine marijuana’s medicinal value and have prohibited Americans from receiving essential care that would alleviate their chronic pain and suffering.

This week, I joined a bipartisan group of senators in reintroducing the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act, which amends federal law to let states set their own medical marijuana policies and removes the fear of federal prosecution in states that allow the use of medical marijuana.

The CARERS Act also permits doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend veterans medical marijuana to treat serious injuries and chronic conditions.

Our bill respects the will of the people, applies the principles of federalism to our nation’s drug policies, and will have a positive impact on the lives of our veterans and children.

Dr. Rand Paul Meets with Kentuckians 

On Wednesday, I met with several representatives from the Home Builders Association of Kentucky and received an update on the status of their current projects. 

Next, I had the privilege of spending a few minutes with some of our nation’s heroes, as a group representing Disabled American Veterans Chapter 32 in Brownsville, Kentucky, visited Capitol Hill. 

(L-R: Dr. Paul with the Home Builders Assoc. of KY and Kentucky Veterans – June 14, 2017)

Later on Wednesday, I spoke to a group of over 80 high school seniors who traveled to Washington with the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives to learn more about energy issues and get to know their state’s federal legislators.

On Thursday, I enjoyed catching up with the University of Kentucky’s Dr. John Garen about the John H. Schnatter Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at UK.

I also met with Gayle Lively, Jeremy Ratliff, Edwin King, and other representatives of the Kentucky Housing Corporation to discuss topics including federal contracts and approval status for upcoming affordable housing projects in Kentucky.

(L-R: Dr. Paul Speaks to High School Students and Meets with the KY Housing Corp. – June 14-15, 2017)

Media Wrap-Up 

This week, I appeared on shows including CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, and Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.

I also spoke on radio with hosts including Sean Hannity, and I hosted a national media call with Senator Murphy to discuss the Senate’s vote on the arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

Have An Issue Or Concern?

If you are a Kentucky resident and need assistance with a federal agency, please feel free to contact my Bowling Green office at 270-782-8303.  One of my staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

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