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Congressman Diane Black -> National Defense Authorization Act

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We Fight for Them

Dear Friends,

This week in Washington, D.C., the House passed three bills to combat human trafficking, which reaches almost every region of our country. Our goal is to identify and aid those victimized by these horrific crimes as quickly as possible and ultimately put an end to the modern day slavery of women and children. In the House of Representatives, we stand with the victims and their families and will do all we can to ensure their safety.

National Defense

As the mother, daughter, wife and sister of U.S. servicemen, and a proud member of the Congressional Military Families Caucus, I am committed to fully funding our military and providing the brave men and women of our armed forces with the training and resources they need.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which has been passed annually for the last five decades, is how Congress meets its Constitutional duty to “provide for the common defense.” This year’s bill authorizes increasing the size of our armed forces and funding for training opportunities, enhances our defense by modernizing nuclear weapons and military vehicles, and provides resources for families facing challenges while their loved one is defending our country overseas.

As threats grow around the world, preparing our defense is a must. This year’s bill would also provide for U.S. involvement and the support of strategic efforts internationally — we have seen far too many catastrophic attacks across the globe to sit idly by while lives are cut short.

Our troops sacrifice so much for us and it’s time we provide what they need to succeed both abroad and at home. When it comes to our military, political games should be a thing of the past and I’m thankful for an Administration that adamantly supports our servicemen and women, and will stand with us as we fight for them.


Diane Black

Member of Congress

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