Pamela Geller -> Hamas Marches in ‘Victory’ in Gaza Strip, and Calls for Day of Rage Against Israel

ISIS heads on a fence @

Pamela Geller -> Hamas Marches in ‘Victory’ in Gaza Strip, and Calls for Day of Rage Against Israel


 Today’s Headlines

Rep Steve King: Democrat Muslim IT spy ring is” an enormous act of treason, a lot of people complicit” had access to ‘all the communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee’

There is a reason the fake newsmedia is filling the airwaves with Trump/Russia bunk. It’s the old slight of hand. Don’t look there, look here?

Village council orders ‘revenge rape’ of girl in Pakistan

The girls was raped in front of the sharia council.

Tillerson ‘taking a little time off’ amid exit rumors

This is good news. Better news would be if he would just take off. Here’s to hoping Ambassador John Bolton is in talks.

Germany: Muslim Migrant Set To Be Released From Prison Despite Making Jihad Terror Threats

A 27-year-old Lebanese migrant is set to be released from prison in Berlin despite not only being a known radical Islamist but also threatening to carry out terror attacks once he gets out.

Sharia in Tanzania: Church in Zanzibar Shaken as Court Supports Muslims’ Opposition to Building

The church purchased the property in 2004 and began putting up a temporary structure, but the area Muslims pulled it down. The church then spent three years putting up a semi-permanent structure, which the devout Muslims also destroyed, sources said.

Justine Damond shot to death by Muslim cop because she ‘slapped police car’

Shot to death trying to get their attention? Does this make sense to you? Me neither.

Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point blank range. On the force since 2015, he had three complaints against him. He is described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.” What was he still doing on the force?

Do you believe him? Me neither.

Democrat Muslim IT Spy Scandal Spreads to Pelosi and Clinton

This goes all the way to the top of the Democrat party.

Hamas Marches in ‘Victory’ in Gaza Strip, and Calls for Day of Rage Against Israel

Hamas has joined Fatah in calling for a new day of rage against Israel for the Jewish country’s attempt to secure its holy shrines from terrorist attackers.

Turkish politician from Erdogan’s ruling party: “There is no use in teaching math to a child who does not know the concept of jihad”

As part of a debate following the introduction of the concept of jihad, or holy war, in the new national school curriculum, a deputy of the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy said it is useless to teach math to a child who does not know the concept of jihad.

Terror-tied CAIR FIRED from San Diego Schools Partnership

Victory! This is what happens when good people fight the good fight. We win. Just like the Ground Zero mosquestrosity. I applaud these fighters in defense of freedom and equality.

Sharia is the schools must be opposed and worse still, terror-tied groups such as CAIR dictating policy must be stopped. If Hamas groups such as CAIR are in the schools imposing sharia, then surely 9/11 was indeed successful.

France: Mayor resettling Muslim migrants in the birthplace of Joan of Arc

The symbolism is crushing. Considering the rampant destruction of the religious statues, icons and the like by Muslim supremacists, Joan hasn’t a shot.

UK: Muslim mother takes legal action against school over face veil ban

A Muslim mother has launched legal action against her daughter’s school, after being told she could not wear a face veil on its premises.

Donald Trump Announces Ban on Transgender Servicemembers in U.S. Military

President Donald Trump has announced a ban on transgenders serving in the U.S. military.

Salman Rushdie Is Back, Warning the West About Islam

It would have been nice to see Rushdie oppose Islam for the right political reasons, instead of self-promotion.

German Study Finds ISIS is Not Islamic

Some may find hope in this research paper, but to those who are paying attention, it only rates a shrug.

California Mosque Defends Imam Over Sermon to “ANNIHILATE” Jews “down to the very last one” in Friday prayers

There you have it. The mosque, in accordance with Islamic text and teachings, defends the incitement to genocide, the monstrous hatemongering exhorted in Quran. Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the Quran.

Behind every Islam attack is the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric. Behind every Islamic attack, is the … the mosque.

France: Muslim armed with Knife and Quran attacks police shouting “Allahu Akbar”

The knife and the sword, the two symbols of Islam. too.

EXCLUSIVE: Police lose control as “Palestinian” demonstrators menace supporters of Israel in London

This is London 2017, this is the UK 2017 and this is the West 2017.

Taxpayers Forced to Pay Legal Fees for Wife of ‘Pulse’ Club Terrorist Omar Mateen

Taxpayers are being forced to bear the brunt of legal fees for the wife of Omar Mateen, the ISIS-tied terrorist who shot up a gay nightclub in 2016, klling 49 and wounding dozens.

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