Southern Poverty Law Center becomes the HATE GROUP they used to combat

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Southern Poverty Law Center becomes the HATE GROUP they used to combat

SPLC: King of Fearmongers

“It is odd that an organization that characterizes itself as being devoted to civil rights—a phrase that connotes the struggles of individuals to assert their rights against a tyrannical government—devotes its energies to tracking the activities of people who are insufficiently respectful of the government. Obama-loathers, opponents of gun control, politically incorrect metalheads, grandmothers who stash canned goods in their basements because they are certain that the government is about to suspend the Constitution and that anarchy will ensue. Don’t such stances, as long as they fall short of directly inciting violence, fall under the First Amendment’s free-speech protections?”

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We Hear You: GuideStar, Parroting SPLC, Loses Way in ‘Hate Group’ Rhetoric

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Editor’s note: Readers had strong feelings about Rachel del Guidice’s coverage of the decision by GuideStar—an aggregator of tax data on charities and other nonprofits—to use the label “hate group” for some well-known conservative organizations, attributing the designation to the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center. This week’s roundup begins by sampling those comments.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Good information on what is wrong in America (“Nonprofit Tracker Smears Dozens of Conservative Organizations as ‘Hate Groups’”). Lists that a hate group creates should not be deemed credible. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a proven record of being a hate group in its own right.

How GuideStar could consider using the SPLC for honest input—or input of any organization like it—goes beyond sane thinking.

Germany went through a similar thing in the 1930s, turning the good people into criminals and then murdering them. It is a well-known fact that history repeats itself when history is suppressed. But we are fortunate to have many who know history and will not let truth die.—Don Cauley


Jacob Harold, if you are going to remain GuideStar’s president and chief executive officer, you shouldn’t be a political activist. There is a built-in perceived conflict of interest.

But if you are an activist, you should preserve the integrity of GuideStar and create well-publicized firewalls to ensure your political activities and viewpoints do not influence your company’s activities and decisions. Admittedly a high bar, but that’s why GuideStar’s leader shouldn’t be a political activist in the first place.

You have, of course, crossed the line on all of the above.—Mark Simmons

Regarding Rachel del Guidice’s story about GuideStar, the company that tracks nonprofits and identifies some conservative-led organizations as “hate groups,” I find the label helpful. These are the groups I will donate to.—Rob Brooks


GuideStar and the Southern Poverty Law Center might as well paint a target on each of the organizations they identify as hate groups. And I am dead serious after what happened when Republican leaders were targeted.—Corey W. Smith


Truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth.—Daniel Kenneth Rousselle


Obviously this GuideStar group lives in the liberal anti-reality bubble. Why would anyone find it credible? GuideStar is like the far left: out of touch with the real world.—Kathy Garry Moynan


I had never heard of GuideStar before this. I trust nothing and no one who relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center, because it is a hate group.—Ford Hanson

Nonprofit Tracker GuideStar Smears Dozens of Conservative Organizations as ‘Hate Groups’  via @LRacheldG @DailySignal

Photo published for Nonprofit Tracker Smears Dozens of Conservative Organizations as ‘Hate Groups’

Nonprofit Tracker Smears Dozens of Conservative Organizations as ‘Hate Groups’

“What GuideStar is doing is another attack on conservative Christian organizations,” a top deputy to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins says.

If the SPLC were as vigorous in attacking hate groups on the left, maybe it would have more credibility.—Doug Wallace


I wonder what organizations and persons are big funders of GuideStar?—Doug A. Cullinan


It is wrong when an organization like the SPLC becomes a hate group in itself by abusing its power when it identifies anyone as hateful with whom it agrees. Disagreement and hate do not equate, but the way the SPLC does business, those words are synonymous … making it the most hateful entity involved.—Tor Anderson


The SPLC fails to recognize the Council on American-Islamic Relations as being a hate group.—Jeff Davis


The left has more power than we think. How “The Communist Manifesto” became required reading at most universities, including Penn State, while the Constitution became known as a racist document, is unfathomable.

Conservatives are not bad people. We want our constitutional rights preserved, which is exactly why America elected Donald Trump.—Walter Swartz


I believed in and contributed to the Southern Poverty Law Center when it was first formed. I saw and wanted to fight oppression.

When that battle was largely won, the SPLC—like a carnivore in search of fresh meat—had to justify its existence. It fell victim to that contagious, evil transformation, much like many other organizations I used to support.

I didn’t leave the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC, and others, left me. They have become the oppressors.—Joanna Brannon Jones

Conservative non-profits are being designated as “hate groups.” Do you think it’s an attack on conservative ideas?