The Skimm -> Birthday Extravaganza!

The Skimm -> Birthday Extravaganza!

theSkimm's 5th Birthday
Welcome to birthday week

We’re turning 5. There are thousands of dollars in presents up for grabs. Today 5 Skimm’rs get $1,000 for sharing the skim. On Friday, someone’s getting $15,000.

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“Still inconvenient” – Al Gore on climate change.


The Story

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could lose his job because of the Calibri font.

What are you talking about?

Last year, the Panama Papers were leaked. They’re the millions of docs that outed some high-profile people for being shady with their finances to avoid the Tax Man. On the list: Sharif’s three adult kids. They allegedly used offshore companies to buy expensive London real estate. Pakistanis want to know where the money came from. So, the country’s Supreme Court asked a group of investigators to look into it.

Now what?

Last week, the investigators accused the Sharifs of forgery and hiding their financials, but the Sharifs say ‘not true.’ Sharif’s daughter – who also has political ambitions – gave investigators an ’06 document she says proves she doesn’t own these properties. But turns out, the doc was typed out in Calibri font…which didn’t come out until ’07. Oops.


Today, Pakistan’s Supreme Court will weigh in and could kick the PM out of his job. As one of the world’s nuclear powers, the instability that could follow is the last thing anyone wants.



The Story

Yesterday, things got violent during Venezuela’s symbolic vote against President Maduro’s agenda.

What’s going on?

Venezuela is an oil-rich country and its economy depends on oil prices being high. But oil prices have been on a downward spiral for years, dragging Venezuela down with them. That’s led to years of unrest, which Maduro hasn’t handled well. He’s thrown opponents in jail and now he’s pushing to rewrite the constitution, which will further consolidate his power. Yesterday, his opponents organized a protest vote against the constitution change. Millions of Venezuelans showed up. And violence broke out at a polling station in Caracas. Gunmen – believed to be gov supporters – shot at the crowd, killing one and injuring others.


This was an unofficial vote. And Maduro is not expected to take it seriously. But the turnout could pressure him to do a U-turn on his policy plans.


What to say to your friend who won’t stop talking about Game of Thrones…

Roger Federer’s keeping his own throne warm. Yesterday, he beat out Croatian Marin Cilic to win the men’s Wimbledon championship. For a record eighth time. At 35, Fed’s also the oldest man in decades to win Wimbledon. He did it in less than two hours. There were tears. As in, Cilic broke down at one point in between games because he had a blister. And later said it was also because he realized he wasn’t going to be able to play his best. Meanwhile, in the women’s final, Spain’s Garbine Muguruza got her first Wimbledon title after beating Venus Williams. Williams was hoping to take home her 6th Wimbledon win. Instead, she passed the crown to Muguruza. Bow down.


What people are talking about…

Alzheimer’s. Over the weekend, several studies came out showing that stressful life experiences growing up can lead to dementia. Especially for African Americans. Turns out, it’s not just genetics that makes a person more vulnerable to the disease, but stress. The study showed that African Americans are more likely to deal with stressful experiences like losing a job, poverty, or dealing with a parent with alcohol problems. And that these experiences are linked to brain health deteriorating faster later in life. Researchers say all of this shows the environment people live in has long-term effects.


What to say when you realize you’re double-booked…

I need to reschedule. The Senate’s saying the same. Over the weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delayed a vote on the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare…because Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) just had surgery. This is the second time a Senate vote on this bill has been delayed. Zero Dems are on board, so GOP leaders can only lose two GOP votes for their plan to pass. To solve this, their latest bill tries to please moderate Republicans by setting aside more funding for things like treating opioid addictions. And it tries to please far-right Republicans by letting insurers offer cheaper plans that don’t cover certain benefits, like maternity and mental health care. But some Republicans still don’t like it, saying it either doesn’t roll back enough of Obamacare, or still leaves too many Americans at risk of going without health insurance. Plot twist: over the weekend, McCain had to get surgery and is still recovering. The vote was supposed to happen this week. But now, TBD.


Alfred Angelo

A bride’s worst nightmare. It’s a chain of bridal stores that just filed for bankruptcy and shut its doors. It didn’t tell any of the people who’d already shelled out a lot of money on dress orders. Runaway bridalwear maker.

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