The Skimm -> For years, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been building up his country’s nuclear weapons capabilities and collection of

The Skimm -> For years, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been building up his country’s nuclear weapons capabilities and collection of


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“I love to eat” – Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, who just won Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Again. He beat his own record, eating 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes. It’s a man eat dog world.

The Story

Yesterday, North Korea gave the world an explosive July 4th surprise.

10 seconds. Remind me.

For years, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been building up his country’s nuclear weapons capabilities and collection of missiles. And taking them out for test drives. The international community has repeatedly been hitting back with sanctions. And the US has tried to get NK to cool it. See: sending South Korea a missile defense system.And pushing China – the country’s biggest ally and trading partner – to get NK to walk away from the launch button. Also, President Trump’s administration has said military action is now an option too.

So what’s the latest?

Yesterday, North Korea successfully tested out an intercontinental ballistic missile – as in the kind that could reach as far as Alaska. This is the first time NK has tested out a missile that can go this far. So, last night, the US military said ‘we can play that game too’ and got together with South Korea to show off their own military strength. The two countries fired missiles into the waters off of South Korea’s eastern coast.


When former President Obama left office, he warned Trump that North Korea would be one of the US’s biggest national security problems in the next few years. This recent test is a very real case in point.


What people are talking about…

Fox. Earlier this week, Fox Sports said ‘see ya’ to one of its top execsover a sexual harassment investigation. If you’re having déjà vu, that might be because you’ve been hearing ‘Fox’ and ‘sexual harassment’ in the same sentence a lot lately. Over the past year, multiple women have come forward to accuse the company’s male employees of sexual harassment. Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, both lost their jobs over the allegations. And the whole company’s been trying to do a 360 of its office culture ever since. But apparently the company keeps uncovering more bad news. In the past week, Fox Sports launched a sexual harassment investigation into its division and ended up firing a top exec named Jamie Horowitz. It’s unclear exactly why, but he says he ‘didn’t do anything wrong.’ Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s also dealing with a similar fallout. Over the weekend, a woman came forward accusing a big-time investor of sexual harassment. Then he came out saying, yup, “I’m a creep.” And that he acted inappropriately in some professional settings. So he resigned from the investment firm he co-founded.

PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm


What to say when you’re on a Google binge and all your windows freeze…

Restart. Over the weekend, India rolled out a complete overhaul of its tax system – by creating a goods and services tax. It’s the biggest change for the country’s economy ever. And people are not having it. For decades, India’s tax system has been a hot mess. Barely anyone pays an income tax and the majority of workers are in industries that traditionally don’t pay taxes (think: small businesses and street vendors). Plus, each of India’s 29 states had a different tax system, making doing business just a bit complicated. All of which is not so great for India’s economy. So ever since Narendra Modi became prime minister back in 2014, he’s been trying to legitimize the country’s economy. Including getting rid of most of India’s currency in order to crack down on counterfeiting. And now this. The government says the new tax will help add some extra cash to their bank account and create a more efficient system across the country. But it also means tens of thousands of workers and businesses are going to have to start giving more money to the gov. And many of them don’t have formal accounting systems to help them adjust to the change. Everyone from textile workers to movie theater employees are on strike. Officials say the transition to the new tax will be bumpy at first, but that everyone just needs to keep calm and pay up. Taxing times.


What to say when you get to the beach so early that no one’s there yet…

All to ourselves. NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R) knows the feeling. Last week, NJ lawmakers failed to pass a budget to keep the local gov up and running. So a lot of gov services shut down, including state-run parks and beaches. Except it apparently didn’t apply to Christie, which is why you saw him sunbathing all over your social feed. It doesn’t help that he already has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the country. But Monday, the state passed a budget and beaches re-opened in time for the fireworks. Meanwhile, at least eight other states also missed their July 1st deadlines for passing new budgets. And some of them are still trying to come to a solution. Nothing like hot dogs with a side of political gridlock.

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