The Skimm -> President Trump’s pick to head up the FBI

The Skimm -> President Trump’s pick to head up the FBI


Skimm’d after a late-night ice cream run

“You can’t take two years to pack your bags!” – Tinder, announcing that it’s planned a first date for two people who’ve been messaging on and off for years. The date will be in Hawaii. Quite a lei up.

The Story

Yesterday, President Trump’s pick to head up the FBI had a job interview on the Hill.

Who is he?

Christopher Wray. He’s been a lawyer for more than two decades. The defense attorney is his day job. He repped NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R) during Bridgegate and served in the Justice Department under former President George W. Bush.

Why do we need a new director?

Because of earlier this year, Trump fired the old guy. Fmr Director, James Comey, was leading the FBI’s investigation into whether Trump’s campaign team helped Russia interfere with the election. When Trump fired him, he said he had “this Russia thing” on the brain. Weeks later, Comey went on the record to say that Trump had once asked him for his loyalty. And to drop the investigation into former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. To which everyone in DC said ‘sorry, what?’ Fast forward to yesterday, when Wray took the mic at his confirmation hearing.

What did he say?

That he “sure as heck” didn’t offer anyone his loyalty. And that if the president tried to get him to do something illegal, he’d resign. He also said that the Russia investigation is not a “witch hunt,” which is how Trump has described it. It’s looking like Wray passed the ‘independent from the White House’ test and senators are expected to give him a thumbs up.

Anything else?

Yesterday, two House Dems intro’d an article of impeachment against Trump. They say Trump obstructed justice with all of the above Comey drama. The White House called the impeachment bill “ridiculous.” Passing it is a long shot, since it’d need a lot of bipartisan support, and even most Dems aren’t on board just yet. They want to let the various Russia investigations play out.


Wray’s hearing came days after the White House was pulled into even more Russia drama (see: Donald Trump Jr.’s emails). It also comes at a time when the FBI’s been in disarray and could really use some stability. TBD if Wray will be the guy to steady the ship.


What to say when you’re stuck with cleaning duty after a party…

It never ends. Yesterday, a judge found Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva guilty of corruption and sentenced him to nearly 10 years in prison. For the last few years, Brazil’s been wrapped up in a maaajor corruption and bribery scandal. Even the current prez is under investigation.Multiple politicians have already gone to jail or face charges for their role. And it’s all related to one state-run oil company. Lula – who served as president in the mid-to-late 2000s – is accused of taking more than $1 million in bribes to help set up favorable biz contracts with the oil company. He says he’s not guilty and will appeal. Meanwhile, the country’s economy is the worst it’s been in decades. In part because it’s fueled by oil and metals, whose global prices have been tanking. In an effort to hide all this, Lula’s successor – Dilma Rousseff – allegedly fudged the federal budget numbers. And last year, she was impeached for it. Now, this Lula drama. And it comes just as he was planning his big political comeback. He’s still one of the country’s most popular politicians and has been leading in polls for next year’s presidential election. Since he’s free during the appeal process, he could still run in the meantime. Why let a decade-long prison sentence hold you back.


What to say when a restaurant wait is over an hour…

Peace out. Yesterday, scientists said a massive iceberg broke up with Antarctica. It’s so massive that it’s now one of the biggest icebergs in history, roughly the size of Delaware. V chill. Scientists have been expecting it to break off for a couple years now because the ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula started cracking. They say it’s completely normal and there’s no conclusive evidence that climate change caused the ‘berg to break freeeee.


What to say to your friend who just discovered ‘Salt Bae’…

Welcome to the here and now. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia said ‘ohhh it’s 2017?’ and announced girls can start taking PE class in public schools. The Islamic country’s not exactly known for gender equality. Women aren’t allowed to drive or typically exercise because those are activities for men. Obviously. Plus to some Saudis, workout gear is considered too revealing. But the country has started to go lax on the exercise part in recent years and even sent female athletes to the last two Summer Olympics. One point for progress. In other ‘Welcome to the 21st-century’ news, yesterday the Catholic island of Malta legalized same-sex marriage. Surprising, because this is not the most liberal place in the world. The country only gave a thumbs up to divorce in 2011. Now it’s saying ‘why stop there?’



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