NRA Promotes National Hunting and Fishing Day 2017

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NRA Promotes National Hunting and Fishing Day 2017

This September 23rd, celebrate the annual National Hunting and Fishing Day, an enormous grassroots effort to promote outdoor sports and conservation! Organizations around the country stage events to provide Americans with the opportunity to experience, understand, and appreciate the outdoor sports.
National Hunting and Fishing Day is a tremendous opportunity to promote NRA membership. NRA remains the largest pro-hunting organization in the world and your continuing recruiting efforts help to keep it that way.

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If your club is holding an event, make membership recruitment a priority. Teaching that day? Work extra hard in your class for sign-ups. Check out this state-by-state listing for recruiting opportunities. Events are periodically updated, so keep checking back if there isn’t one listed under your state. Make sure to confirm with the event contact prior to recruiting.

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