The Skimm -> NATO jets intercepted two Russian military planes

The Skimm -> NATO jets intercepted two Russian military planes

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“Four cocktails a day” – Queen Elizabeth’s liquid diet. She reportedly has three by lunchtime. Royal life is lush.


The Story

Yesterday, NATO jets intercepted two Russian military planes flying near Estonia.

What are you talking about?

The Baltic States (think: Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia) sit right by Russia and used to be under Soviet control. Back in ’04, they joined NATO – a post-WWII military alliance of US and European countries initially created to keep its members safe from the Soviets. In recent years, Russia’s military has been doing squats by the Baltic States. And it’s planning another round of exercises by the end of the summer. Yesterday, NATO said ‘time to back off.’


In 2014, Russia rolled up to Crimea and told Ukraine ‘we’ll take that thanks.’ Ever since, its Baltic neighbors have been jusssttt a little worried they’re next on Russia’s list.



The Story

North Korea’s living in a yellow submarine.

What are you talking about?

Earlier this week, CNN reported the US military has noticed “highly unusual and unprecedented” submarine activity by North Korea. And that there’s evidence it’s tested how to launch a missile from one. This comes just days after the country test fired a missile that could reach as far as LA and Chicago. Yesterday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said ‘let’s all just cool it’ and suggested the US and North Korea sit down for a diplomatic chat.


North Korea is actively developing missiles that could reach deep into the US. This is one of the most urgent national security threats facing America right now.


What people are talking about…

Affirmative action. Yesterday, it came out that the Trump administration plans to investigate and sue colleges if they’ve used affirmative action to discriminate against white applicants. Affirmative action has been around since the ’60s and sets policy for places like schools and employers to give minorities and women an assist in getting a spot. The Justice Dept. has an entire civil rights division that looks into things like discrimination in college admissions. But the Trump administration will be scrolling through LinkedIn to build a new teamfocused just on this. Supporters say it’s long overdue because affirmative action is no longer an effective way to get the best people in the door and that it can lead to discrimination of other groups. Critics say it will discourage universities from accepting minorities. The Justice Dept’s saying ‘no comment.’


What to say when you see a meme about living in 3017…

Jordan just got to 2017. Yesterday, Jordanian lawmakers voted to scrap a law that lets people get away with rape as long as they marry their victim. Yes, this is a real thing. Jordan is an Arab country in the Middle East that thinks rape shames a woman’s family. But not if the rapist marries her. Now the country’s saying ‘actually this is completely effed up’ and is moving toward changing the rules so rapists can be punished. It follows other countries in the region, including Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, which have made similar changes to their laws. And Lebanon might join the human rights party next. But first, Jordan’s upper house of Parliament and king still have to sign off on it. It’s looking like they will.


What to say to your friend who thinks her Alexa is spying on her…

Congress wants to do something about that. Yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators intro’d a bill to make the Internet of Things more secure. Internet of Things: all the everyday objects that can connect to the Interwebs like cameras, lamps, your coffee maker. Turns out they’re not so safe against cyber attacks. Like that time last year when hackers got into hundreds of thousands of devices and took down parts of the Internet. Now senators are saying ‘gotta do something about this.’ They want IoT makers to ensure devices the gov uses meets certain security standards. Researches say billions of devices will be operating on this system in the next few years. So Congress is getting a head start on trying to keep it safe.


What to say when your co-worker says the moon landing was fake…

Wait, what? Yesterday, a Fox News contributor sued the network for defamation, claiming they ran a story with fake quotes from him. Earlier this year, Fox News published an investigation on the 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Police say it was an armed robbery. But the network’s investigation seemed to support a conspiracy theory that it was Rich, not Russia, that leaked those thousands of DNC emails prior to the election. Making his death look suspect. Days later, Fox retracted it. Now this contributor is suing because he says some of his quotes used in that investigation were made up. And claims President Trump saw the story before it was published, and pushed the network to go through with it. Both Fox News and the White House say ‘not true.’

PS: 21st Century Fox, which owns Fox News, is a minority investor in theSkimm.

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