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Dear Friends,

On Monday, Dave and I put on our cardboard glasses and joined thousands of middle Tennesseans in sharing an incredible view of the total solar eclipse. I hope that you had an opportunity to take advantage of this once in a lifetime event, and as we get ready to wrap up the week, I wanted to share with you some fantastic news that the liberal media refuses to cover.  

You may have heard that this week President Trump visited a Border Patrol facility in Yuma, Arizona – a town that sits along our Southern border. What the liberal media won’t tell you is that since the construction of a fence along the region in 2006, arrests of illegal immigrants have dropped by a staggering 90 percent and assaults on Border Patrol agents have fallen dramatically. With a Commander in Chief committed to getting tough on immigration, we are seeing outstanding success. 

We’ve known all along that real immigration reform cannot be achieved without a secure border, and as our nation continues to face a costly immigration crisis, investing to secure our border is paramount. For that reason, the House Budget Committee’sBuilding A Better America budget resolution calls for increased funding for our homeland security, which includes protecting our border. Not only does our budget increase defense spending by $72.4 billion, but also includes the biggest mandatory spending cuts in 20 years, and reduces the total deficit by $6.5 trillion over ten years. Learn more about our budget resolution by clicking HERE or visiting 

Yuma is just one example of how a physical wall at our Southern border is producing great results and keeping our families safe. Now, it is up to Congress to step up to the plate and pass our budget resolution to provide the resources needed to make this strategy a nationwide success. 


Diane Black
Member of Congress

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