President Trump – Puerto Rico Just the FACTS PLEASE

45th President of The United States Donald Trump wins

President Trump – Puerto Rico Just the FACTS PLEASE

BY Annonymous


FACT CHECKED…”President Trump has already dispatched:

  • 140 helicopters,
  • 28 ships,
  • 6 Army field hospitals,
  • 3 Navy Seabee Battalions,
  • 5 US Army Combat Engineer Battalions,
  • 3 Civil Affairs battalions,
  • 2 Nuclear Submarines capable of generating 2.8 Gigawatts of Power,
  • Released 300,000 tons of food, medical supplies and water from Military stocks to Puerto Rico…

Please stop toeing the party line of bashing our President when his actions have been excellent for the island…It was a string of several horrendous Hurricanes and it’s gonna take some time, but your immature comments devoid of any facts don’t help one person on the island.”…

Further, trying to create another phony racial injustice out of this disaster is just plain retarded…If you can’t figure out that this island with no infrastructure left is harder to get to than Houston, you need to just STFU and watch how this unfolds instead of trying to froth up another race war…


  • Curt

    You lost me at libtards.

    • Thank you Curt for writing. This article was sourced from a contributor but the author is unknown. I seldom change another’s work, even if the author is unknown.

      The common definition for Libertard is “a libertarian” but I think in this context the author is referring to something completely different, a liberal that has not educated themselves on the matter at hand.

      The phrase Repubtard was coined by liberals years ago, so one could expect then the repubtards might well refer to liberals as libertards, and vice versa. Just an affectionate way of describing each other.

  • ArcoJedi

    Sources? Citations?

  • “2 Nuclear Submarines capable of generating 2.8 Gigawatts of Power”

    According to , the reactor on an Ohio-class submarine can put out “220 MWth” of heat. If all that was turned into electricity that could be, it would be less than 0.1 GW due to thermodynamic losses.

    Were you including the launch phase power output of the missiles? That probably wouldn’t help PR.

  • Thank you ArcoJedi for writing. Rutgers, Snopes, plenty of sources. Use Bing instead of Google, you will find more unbiased information, and for complete unbiased info use DuckDuckGo

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