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The Aussie Conservative Blog -> The trouble with Elizabeth Warren

The trouble with Elizabeth Warren

by Aussie Conservative


A champagne socialist can be described as one who “espouses socialist ideals while enjoying a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.”

As Elizabeth Warren rails against capitalism, free markets and individualism, while simultaneously enjoying the fruits of a system she purportedly detests, she fits this definition.

Statistics are useful in showcasing this hypocrisy between Mrs. Warren’s lifestyle, and the taxes she would introduce if granted the opportunity. While we often hear Mrs. Warren’s anti-business rhetoric, little information is available regarding her plan for increasing taxes on Americans. So as Warren has associated herself with the populist Left/ Bernie wing of the Democratic Party, we can assume Bernie Sanders’ tax plan would closely resemble her own.

According to, for those earning between $500 001 and $2 000 000 (the bracket applicable to Elizabeth Warren), taxes should be raised to 43 %. However, Warren paid just 28 % of her income in 2011 towards taxes and charity.

Richard Baxter once remarked; “I preached as never sure to preach again, And as a dying man to dying men.”

If Elizabeth Warren truly abhors the economic status quo and believes the poor deserve better, she would give up her lavish mansion to pay at least $50- 60 000 dollars extra per annum towards charity.

But to Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore, and other like-minded Leftist elites, an unlimited size of government is not so much of a shield to aid the vulnerable, as much as a sword that ensures the poor remain victimized, downtrodden and ultimately enslaved to envy-driven class warfare politics.

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