The Skimm -> The Trump administration may be having second thoughts about the Paris climate deal.

The Skimm -> The Trump administration may be having second thoughts about the Paris climate deal.

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“We have dinosaurs. No contest” – London’s Natural History Museum, on whether it would win a duel with the city’s Science Museum. Proving Twitter feuds will never go extinct.

The Story

The Trump administration may be having second thoughts about the Paris climate deal.

Remind me about this deal.

In 2015, just about every country in the world agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to fight global warming. This was the result of decades of talks that only really came together after the US – one of the world’s largest polluters – came the table.

Remind me what Trump did.

This year, President Trump made good on a campaign promise to pull the US out of the deal, arguing that it would save millions of coal and oil jobs, and billions of dollars. He also said he was open to negotiating new terms. For months, Chinese, Canadian, and EU officials have reportedly been trying to convince Trump to get back on board.

What’s going on now?

Over the weekend, international officials huddled up to talk climate change. The US team reportedly said it would consider staying in the Paris deal with revised, looser terms. Today, Trump’s top economic adviser is holding a working breakfast with international energy and climate officials. Whether the US plans to renegotiate the deal will definitely be on the menu.


This week, world leaders are getting together for their annual work retreat at the UN General Assembly. It’s Trump’s first. Climate change will come up, and Trump will get some peer pressure.


What people are talking about…

St. Louis. Last night, dozens of people were arrested in St. Louis, MO. It was the third night of vandalism following nonviolent protests during the day. On Friday, a judge acquitted a former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man. In 2011, the former officer, who is white, shot 24-year old Anthony Lamar Smith five times. This was after Smith fled the scene of a suspected drug deal. Over the weekend, peaceful protests broke out over the officer’s acquittal. But some late-night demonstrators turned violent, vandalizing businesses and throwing rocks and water bottles at police officers. Meanwhile, in the past week, two black men were shot and killed in separate incidents in Baton Rouge, LA. Police have a suspect in custody. They say both crimes could have been racially motivated.


What to say when your grandma goes out more than you…

Retirement seems great. Even for Sean Spicer. Last night, the former White House Press Secretary stopped by the Emmy Awards – with host Stephen Colbert – to say that “this will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period.” It was a big night for firsts: Donald Glover from “Atlanta” became the first black person to win for directing a comedy series. Lena Waith from “Master of None” became the first black woman to win for comedy writing. And Hulu became the first streaming service to win best drama gold for “The Handmaid’s Tale.” “Big Little Lies,” “SNL,” and “Veep” also had a couple reasons to let loose at the afterparty.


What people are watching…

London. Over the weekend, two men were arrested in connection with Friday’s terrorist attack on the London tube. A bomb went off in a train car during morning rush hour, injuring at least 29 people. This is the fifth terror attack in the UK this year. Meanwhile yesterday, four American students studying abroad were attacked with acid in a Marseille, France train station. A suspect has been arrested. It’s not believed to be terrorism.


What to say to your LA friend who loves her green juice…

Your body is your sanctuary. And now your state might be too. Over the weekend, California lawmakers passed a bill that would make CA a sanctuary state. There are a bunch of sanctuary cities in the US – places like SF, NYC, and Chicago that generally promise to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation. But so far Oregon is the only sanctuary state.This is a pushback against President Trump’s efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities by withholding some federal funding. But over the weekend, a federal judge told the Trump administration ‘sorry, can’t do that.’ Now, California is forging ahead and sending this bill to the governor’s desk. And it’s expected to get his seal of approval.


Straw Law

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For when you haven’t had a good cry in a while…

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For when the thought of your AM commute makes you want to hit snooze again…

This will wake you up. It’s a podcast-slash-musical, featuring Jonathan Groff (King George from “Hamilton”).

For when you’re feeling uncoordinated at the gym…

So are theSkimms after watching this college baller’s moves.

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