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Donald Trump and Eminem

by Aussie Conservative


Similarities between the early 2000’s Eminem, and the 2016/17 Donald Trump are undeniable.

The rebellious, anti-establishment, decidedly provocative nature of both figures certainly drew me in, as I supported Donald Trump’s run for President, and I enjoy Eminem’s older music.

Sure differences between the two are obvious, but Eminem and Donald Trump’s success was basically achieved through the same crowd: predominantly white, blue-collar people that were tired of political correctness and tiptoeing around vital issues.

This is what made Eminem’s recent freestyle against Donald Trump all the more disappointing, as Eminem has been subsumed by the same pop culture he once proudly derided.

Perhaps if Eminem took a step back, he might see this inherent contradiction, and that condemning Donald Trump leads a strong trace back to his own life story.

In any case, I remain grateful for the contributions both Eminem and Donald Trump have made against political correctness.

But that Donald Trump captures the same defiant spirit the 2000’s top-selling artist once did, speaks volumes as to his resonance among ordinary, working people.

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