Congressman Marsha Blackburn -> the need for people to be able to purchase insurance across state lines

Congressman Diane Black -- @ Hoax and Change

Congressman Marsha Blackburn -> the need for people to be able to purchase insurance across state lines

Congressman Diane Black -- @ Hoax and Change

Congressman Diane Black — @ Hoax and Change

A Prescription for Success
In 2010, as President Obama was crafting Obamacare, I highlighted the need for people to be able to purchase insurance across state lines, a simple solution that would greatly increase competition and drive down the costs of premiums. He didn’t include it in Obamacare, but I have been working ever since to get it passed.

(click to watch) Marsha discusses “across state lines” at President Obama’s Blair House Health Care Summit in 2010.

The concept of buying health care coverage across state lines is one I introduced as legislation. And since 2008, I have worked to build support to turn this innovative idea into federal policy. You have heard me in meeting after meeting explain how I envisioned an open, competitive health insurance marketplace with more choices and options for healthcare consumers.

(click to watch) Marsha explains “across state lines” on CBS’s Face the Nation

This week President Trump took the matter into his own hands. Where the Senate has failed to repeal Obamacare and bring relief to the millions suffering from it, President Trump acted. He signed an Executive Order that starts the process and allows some individuals the opportunity to purchase health care coverage across state lines! I thank him and look forward to passing the Health Care Choice Act to get this codified in law.

Click here for more details of the Executive Order

What a Relief!
In the House, we recently passed a budget that balances, will bring money and jobs back to Tennessee, and lays the groundwork for the bold tax relief you have heard so much about. Now, my colleagues in the House and I are hard at work to deliver a flatter, fairer, and simpler tax system so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. I spoke with Stuart Varney on Fox Business about our efforts on this and some other issues this week. Click the graphic below to watch:

(click to watch)

Simplifying the tax brackets and lowering taxes for all businesses helps lift the burden on middle-class families, and paves the way for the President’s goal of “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” Now, it’s up to the Senate to work with us to enact bold, pro-growth tax reform that will create jobs, grow paychecks, and unleash American competitiveness.

A Long-Overdue Reauthorization
In 1990 Germany became unified, the first web server was created, and the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series. It was also the last time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was reauthorized in Congress.

The FCC is charged with the administration of the Communications Act and other statutes that govern our country’s telecommunications and technology policy. Their work affects broadcast, internet and the critical infrastructure spectrum that underpins this entire ecosystem. The work I led on developing the legislation that reauthorizes and modernizes this agency was a bipartisan process and the final bill passed out of the subcommittee on a unanimous voice vote. I am grateful that our committee members worked in a diligent manner to meet the needs of our constituents and our nation.

To see bipartisanship in action, click on the graphic below to watch the hearing.

(click to watch) Marsha chairs a hearing of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee.
It’s always a pleasure having friends, neighbors, and constituents visit us in the office in D.C. We enjoyed having each of you in our office this week and hope your trip to Washington was enjoyable! If you are going to be in the DC area, we hope you can stop by. You are always welcome.

Yours in Service,

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