Crooked Hillary exposed her ignorance on gun topics.

Crooked Hillary exposed her ignorance on gun topics.

By: Anonymous

Tucker Carlton had a lying dimokrat rep on his show just a short time ago and he was advocating banning silencers.  He said he had fired an AK47 with a silencer and when Tucker challenged him it was obvious that he was lying about firing an AK47 with a silencer.  All one had to do was look at his eyes when he got challenged by Tucker.  Can dimokrats not tell the truth about anything?
Liberals are happy when lying or being lied to!

You mean she didn’t say “What does it matter at this point”?  That was her canned answer when she got the people killed in Benghazi?  Must run in the family since Slick Willie had men, women and children killed in Waco TX and also Weavers Ridge saw the government agents kill the wife of the wanted and she was also a mother with a baby in her arms.   Janet Reno has gone to receive her reward for these murders.  All they had to do was wait for the leader to leave the compound, as he was known to do, and arrest him. The government was making a statement at a hell of a cost of lives.

Comments below by James Doss
It didn’t take too long before the Hildabeast exposed her ignorance on gun topics.
A silencer will not muffle the muzzle crack from any bullet exiting the muzzle above the speed of sound…about 1125 feet per second. A 55 grain FMJ at 223 pressures exits the muzzle at about 3200 feet per second, and will make a sharp crack, even with a silencer. Silencers are basically worthless with these rifles.

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