TenCount -> Happy Columbus Day – or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

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TenCount -> Happy Columbus Day – or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

A highly selective view of events in the week ahead with important financial, legislative and political implications, put together by your friends at Sphere Consulting.

  • Happy Columbus Day – or Indigenous Peoples’ Day, whichever you may choose. The House of Representatives returns after the holiday on Tuesday, to work on tax reform and a tough new White House immigration proposal, but the Senate is out all week. Next week, it’s the reverse, with the Senate in town and the House far afield. President Trump welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House on Wednesday.
  • If that was “the calm before the storm,” what looms ahead? President Trump has yet to reveal what he meant by his cryptic comment last week, made when surrounded by a calm-looking group of military brass. Could it be he is planning on unleashing fire and fury on North Korea? On Saturday, he tweeted that “only one thing will work” in dealing with North Korea. Was he referring to his expected decertification of the Iran nuclear accords? Or was he just playing with the minds of the White House press corps?
  • North Korea is preparing to test a long-range missile that it believes can reach the West Coast of the U.S., Reuters reported over the weekend, citing a Russian lawmaker who just returned from a visit to Pyongyang. A panel of the House Homeland Security Committee will take a look at the issue on Thursday, with a subcommittee hearing on “Empty Threat or Serious Danger: Assessing North Korea’s Risk to the Homeland.”
  • The think tanks, too, will be focused on North Korea this week. On Tuesday, the Brookings Institution hosts “The path forward for dealing with North Korea.” Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies mulls “Can the North Korea Standoff be solved?” on Wednesday, while the RAND Corporation studies “Escalating Tensions over North Korea.”
  • The Iran nuclear deal gets a full going-over this week in anticipation of the president’s announcement on whether he will recertify the deal. The House Foreign Affairs Committee conducts a hearing on Wednesday on “Confronting the Full Range of Iranian Threats.” And the think tanks are in full Iran mode, with forums at the Cato Institute on Tuesdaythe Wilson Center and the Heritage Foundation on Thursday, and the Hudson Institute and GWU’s Elliott School of International Affairs on Friday.
  • “Formulating National Security Strategy” is the title of a report mandated by Congress and prepared for the Defense Department by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which will conduct a session Tuesday morning to introduce the report and its conclusions. The study identifies key choices for policymakers in constructing a plan to enhance national security.
  • The opioid epidemic is so bad in New Hampshire that the state’s chief medical examiner resigned and committed himself to ministering to young people to stay away from drugs. Two events take a look at the nationwide crisis this week: On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is investigating the epidemic, will hear “Testimony and Proposals on the Opioid Crisis” from House members about what is going on in their own districts. And on Thursday, the US Chamber of Commerce hosts “The Opioid Epidemic: From the Front Lines to the Boardroom.”
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development has wielded the False Claims Act like a broadsword against companies that are just trying to make mortgages, wreaking havoc in the industry. On Thursday the department’s Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, will travel to the Hill to testify about “The Future of Housing in America” during an oversight hearing conducted by the House Committee on Financial Services.
  • President Trump has been interviewing possible candidates to replace Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve when her term expires in February. But apparently Yellen has a chance of holding onto the seat herself – she, too, was interviewed by Trump. On Sunday, she will address the G30 International Banking Seminar on “The Economy and Monetary Policy.”
  • If you can’t get a table at Café Milano this week or the sommelier is out of your favorite bottle, it’s because so many people are in town to discuss the plight of the poor at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings, which run Monday through Sunday. The Civil Society Policy Forum kicks off the week. Looking ahead: next year’s annual meetings are in Bali!
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